I have cheap cabinets in my manufactured home. How do I paint them?

I want to paint just the inner squares of my cabinets, but do not know what kind of paint won’t make the veneer lift? I want to use an off white color, and they are light “oak-look” finish. Any help with this is certainly appreciated. Thank you.
q i have cheap cabinets in my manufactured home how do i paint them

What is the best way to make my yard arock garden?

I have an area of my yard that only seems to grow weeds. I want to convert it to a rock garden with glass and concrete sculptures. How to I prepare the land itself for this conversion? I will have succulents planted amongst the rocks. Is this even possible?

Heavy metal adjustable patio lounge re-web

It weighs too much for me to pick up, maybe 50-75 lbs (well made, 70’s era?). The original plastic/vinyl 1/4” is not coming loose. How can I add a new seating surface that will last long term? It has a metal bar that is right beneath the hip area and it must not stretch much because of the bar. Any ideas? Wood, webbing, whatever. I am open to ideas. Forgive lawn mess in photo, still too wet to mow here.... (* I am not sure why it looks curved in the knee area photo, but it is not.) Husband loves it, so I want to fix it.
q heavy metal adjustable patio lounge re web

What adhesive will work here?

I was to permanently adhere PET plastic to a cheap vinyl covered cabinet door (chip board covered by vinyl) for an art project. What adhesive would be permanent and not affected by steam?

What adhesive will hold vinyl to plastic?

I want to use vinyl shelf liner to decorate the front of my laminate kitchen cabinets. What adhesive should I use that will make them permanently bond to each other in kitchen conditions? I have the TSP to wash them with first, but don’t know what to glue them on with. Can anyone tell me what would work best?

How do I keep hens and chicks alive?

I am new to gardening, and people keep telling me they spread like wildfire. How do I contain them where I want them? If they do get away from me, are they hard to stop? I just got them yesterday, and put them in my old wheel barrow that has a few drainage holes. I also watered them real well like the lady who gave them to me said.

Kelly Roxanne Logsdon
Kelly Roxanne Logsdon