give cheap dollar store pumpkins a quick makeover for pennies

Give Cheap Dollar Store Pumpkins a Quick Makeover for Pennies

If you have walked in to your local dollar tree lately you will find that they offer a ton of decorations and craft ideas. You have to sometimes look outside the box and see what these $1.00 items could become with alittle paint or work.This is what I did a couple of weeks ago. I found these styrofoam bright orange pumpkins. I bought 3 of these light weight gems knowing that I can use them somewhere.But I’m gonna be honest, I hated the brightness of these pumpkins.So, here’s what I did with them in order to put them outside my doorway And achieve that antique look. (I walked into target today and they were selling pumpkins just like this, antiques, for $14.99 Each! I don’t have that kind of money to spend on small decorations.)

barn wood welcome state sign for dollars

Barn Wood Welcome State Sign for Dollars!

If you go to any craft sale or craft store you see these type of signs. Welcome signs with your home state somewhere in the wording. They even make state necklaces, T-shirt’s, etc.So working of that idea, I make a welcome sign with my state (Minnesota) as the O. I made this sign for dollars! Super easy to do your self as I have a trick to teach you about how to make perfect letter stencils. No Circuit machine needed here... And you do not need to be a perfect painter to do this. I am not but find this super easy and looks so good.If you were to buy this somewhere weather it be from a store or online you would pay a small bundle.I was able to find pieces of barn wood at a flea market for $1.00 a foot. I think this sign was about 4', so total to me $4...Here is the step by step way to make a great entry way sign or really anywhere you want. I chose to make my sign weather proof and for my front doorway.

cheap fix for cabinet storage organize your cupboard

Cheap Fix for Cabinet Storage-organize Your Cupboard

I’m posting this neat little trick to organize your cupboard area. I recently had family over and they asked for a lid on my ftying pan. Took me forever to find it in my cupboard. I thought how embarrassing and frustrating. I thought, I need some kind of storage for the cupboard to put lids... I don’t want them to break as they mostly are glass.I went to my local craft store and found this wood crate. For $10 (I had a coupon) I have organized the cupboard and I will never be embarrassed again when some askes for a lid...

outdoor light fixtures transformed for under 3

Outdoor Light Fixtures Transformed for Under $3

We have been redoing a lot of our house inside and out. Some things I have done myself, others we hire out. After replacing our siding we put up the previous light fixtures... only to keep looking at them and thinking how old they looked.But my husband wanted to go and buy all new lights. With needing 4 of them, it would cost about $200...I said, let me try something first then if it doesn’t look good, we can spend that money. But for $3 I made these old fixtures look good as new. The color match for our new deck etc was perfect. It took me about an hour to remove and paint and put back up... All I see is that we saved $197! Maybe it won’t last forever but it’s a great fix for now and super easy.

dollar store july 4th wreath makes your doorway inviting for dollars

Dollar Store July 4th Wreath Makes Your Doorway Inviting-for Dollars!

Here is my July 4th challenge project. First let me say I LOVE to make these easy wreaths for all occasions for my front door. All supplies are found at my local dollar store. Takes about a hour to complete and put all together. General tip for dollar store shopping... get your supplies for that holiday/season early. As soon as I see the items needed out, I buy them... as they go fast and don't seem to restock much.Supplies needed for project: 3 rolls of colored mesh, flowers, wire wreath, floral wire or pipe, and center plaque.

free end table turned into a new treasure all you neednis paint time

Free End Table Turned Into a New Treasure-all You Neednis Paint & Time

So, this is second project usong the free furniture my mom picked up for me at a church garage sale. This side table was in need of some tlc but was nice and heavy duty. I ended up going back to the products I love from Walmart. Chalk paint and wax. Then picked up a new knob for the drawer from Home Depot. I spent under $10 to create this great a great piece of furniture for my spare bedroom.Super easy and low risk. Paint and wax is very forgiving. Try it... you will not be disappointed!

give an old side table a fresh look and make it new again

Give an Old Side Table a Fresh Look and Make It New Again

A week ago my mom calls from a church garage sale to tell me everything is now free. Sent me some pictures of all the free furniture. This is one of the pieces she picked up free for me. I have been desperate to find a new larger side table to fit all my stuff. Alexa, clock, iPhone and I watch plug in and lamp. Takes up a lot of room. Problem is, this Lane brand side table needed a new look and alittle lovin.Out came the chalk paint and pickling paint and alittle time and a perfect side table is created. Cheap fix for under $10... could never get such a great side table for that price.

wayfair knock off using dollar store items cheap home decor

Wayfair Knock Off Using Dollar Store Items=cheap Home Decor

Thos past week there was an West Elm knockoff challenge. I had no idea what West Elm was, so off to google I went... I could not believe how expensive the items were, and nothing called to me to create. I ended up on WayfaIr. And I found a item that I could make using dollar store items. On Wayfair the item was $26 + shipping. I spend $8! Don't be scared to create a knockoff, the results can be amazing!

make a cute saying wood sign for 1 00 using dollar store items

Make a Cute Saying Wood Sign for $1.00 Using Dollar Store Items!

We built a cedar deck 17 yrs ago. And as we get older the more we struggle with keeping it stained and looking nice. So finally after all these year we went maintenance free. But I had all this amazing cedar wood, like the steps... I thought perfect sized wood to make a wood sign saying. Free wood! All the same size, just perfect.Then I was at the Dollar Store and say these vinyl sayings for $1.00! I bought 6 of them knowing I would use them in the future...So project made!i took 2 step boards, painted on sides and fronts a brown outdoor paint, onlybisrd this as I liked the color and I had some at home, again free. I let that dry then, added a back brace to keep them together and simply added the vinyl lettering.Hope you enjoy...

use a glass block for shell memory vinyl transfer words

Use a Glass Block for Shell Memory-vinyl Transfer Words

I have buckets of shells from all our travels to Mexico. That is one of our favorite activities to do while on vacation. But, what to do with all these shells! Then my mom came over and brought 10 glass blocks she had bought me from Menards. I looked at the box and thought what am I going to do with all these glass blocks. And they are heavy!i finally figured out what to do with both!I also used a new technique that I saw online. Instead of paying a fortune for vinyl lettering or sayings (I do not have a cricut machine but it's on my wish list). You take a regular piece of paper and print using your printer the letters or words you want to use. Then packing tape and water makes easy transfers! See below for directions.