cutting the cable cord, With Hulu Netflix and other streaming services many people are cutting the cord It s EASY to Do It Yourself

Cutting the Cable Cord

Well, We DID IT! No more cable which means no more cable bill! Our bill kept creeping up and before I knew it we were paying over $100 a month. We pledged to save more money this year and here is another way we're cutting corners. My handy hubby said installation was so easy...I could have done it! (that must be simple!) It is set up in the attic so no one can see it from the outside ruining our curb appeal! Learn how on the blog!

kicking the 80 s out of guest bath, bathroom ideas, home improvement, Yes This is the same bathroom Hard to believe huh

Kicking the 80's Out of Guest Bath

I'm the first to admit our bathroom was hideous! I'm almost ashamed to share...however the end result is worth it to me!!
We wanted to do a Facelift with this project in order to save money so the tile, toilet and tub stayed. Best part is...We Did It Ourselves!!

save money and get organized in 2014, organizing, Let s work together to save money and get organized in 2014

Save Money and Get Organized in 2014

Thinking back over the past year I wanted to concentrate on two things:saving money and getting organized/ I made some progress in both of these areas...but I still have a way to go! Would love some people who have the same goals as me to team up and support each other! Would you like to join? Hop on over to my blog and see how we can work together to make 2014 an awesome year!
Thinking back over the past year I wanted to concentrate on two things:
saving moneygetting organized I made some progress in both of these areas... - See more at:

diy chalk board wine glasses, chalkboard paint, crafts, painting, seasonal holiday decor, Make some of these today in time for New Years I picked up some wine glasses at the Dollar Tree They were very heavy and durable Perfect for this project

DIY Chalk Board Wine Glasses

Quick and Easy to make for your next party or celebration! Perfect for New Years, Weddings, or House Warming Gifts!

diy wrap it up like santa, christmas decorations, crafts, seasonal holiday decor, Put it all together to equal total cuteness Come visit my blog to see all the details Happy Holidays

DIY Wrap It Up Like Santa!

Easy, affordable and ADORABLE way to wrap your holiday presents this year! Create this look in three EASY steps!

amazing kitchen overhaul, countertops, home decor, home improvement, kitchen cabinets, kitchen design, wall decor, When we bought our 80 s house I hated the kitchen My handy husband said she has good bones the rest we can fix I just couldn t see it but in the end he was right

Amazing Kitchen Overhaul

What do you get when you have a hubby who is not afraid to knock down some walls and changes things up a bit...a Beautiful Kitchen/Family Room! Are you ready to see my Remodeled kitchen? After hours of and more is done!!! What are you waiting for...Come On In!!

is your family prepared for a house fire, home security safety, I was exhausted in that deep stage of sleep I heard a noise I couldn t focus on It seemed so far away What was that constant noise It got louder and louder creeping up on me in a slow steady movement I awoke to find my dog Nikki standing over me barking in my face I couldn t see her where was I What was that smell and that fog See more at

Is Your Family Prepared for a House Fire?

One of my passions is making sure EVERYONE is prepared for a house fire! As humans we tend to think..."That will Never happen to me" But let me share that it CAN and being prepared may save your life. This is my story behind why I am so passionate about fire safety.

making a home fire escape plan, home security safety, When my house was engulfed with flames I didn t make great choices I ran around dazed and confused I thought about saving stuff and not me I ignored all the things I had learned at some point in my life Those mistakes could have cost me my life The only place I was taught about fire safety was in elementary school My family never reviewed the safety tips at home therefore when faced with a real fire nothing was practiced or perfected in my mind See more at

Making a Home Fire Escape Plan

Is your family prepared for a fire? Do you think...that will never happen to us? Let me tell you from personal experience it CAN! It happened to me...and I have to admit I was NOT prepared! My passion now is to make sure you and your family are ready in case of a house fire! Be sure to visit my blog for free Monthly Fire Drill Log. Practice keeps a family safe!

how to stream from ipad to hd tv, electrical

After Cutting the Cable Cord - How to Stream From iPad to HD TV!

Since we cut the cable cord I find other ways to watch my favorite shows. Did you know you can stream what you are watching on your iPad to your HD TV without owning Apple TV? It's super easy and how on my blog.

Sharon ~ Life After Empty Nest
Sharon ~ Life After Empty Nest
About meLoving Life with adult daughters, while my firefighter husband and I kick the 80's out of our home. Finding clever ways to save money and live off the grid. Three Rotties fill our nest now.