my sunroom makeover, pic of listing of house

My Sunroom Makeover.

Hey ya'll! I am here to share my sunroom makeover. I started with indoor/outdoor carpet, paneling and really just a plain jane room. Notice that heavy duty iron security bar on the window? Yeah, everyone of them on every window was taken down on closing day, along with all the lock changes. I guess it is here I should mention that I wanted a brick floor. And I meant I was gonna have me a brick floor in my sunroom!

our kitchen ceiling addventure, old kitchen dining

Our Kitchen Ceiling Addventure!

Let me start by saying that the only thing wrong with our ceilings was they were all still clad with popcorn. Well, I fixed that in 1 day. Yep, easy as eating pie. Right? Wrong and oh how wrong we were!

laminate to perfect countertops, countertops

Laminate to Perfect Countertops!

We started with faux butcherblock laminate and went with Tile. Hmmmm...Yes, I said tile.

my kitchen be gone, entering from dining room

My Kitchen Be GONE!

First, I want everyone to know that I am not a blogger or writer and I did not sleep at a Holiday Inn last night. Also, when these pics were taken, they were for memory sake, not for a post here on Hometalk. With that cleared up front; When we bought this house, the layout and bones were Perfect! They were exactly what I had been looking for, for almost 4 months! What with all these heavy iron bars on every window, yeah, I said that. It just screamed DREAM HOME at me.Ahhhh,, one would think this was a dicey area of town, NOT to me though. The kitchen was first on my hit list!

Hope Williams
Hope Williams
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