How can I secure a wooden privacy lattice into concrete without drill?

Is it possible to temporarily secure a free standing privacy lattice to concrete without drilling holes into concrete ground? 48" with four panels.
q how can i secure a wooden privacy lattice into concrete without drill

How can I make better use of this old piece of furniture?

I think this was some type of sewing cabinet/dresser? It may have been altered-(the shelves may have been added by previous owner). Anyway, it is on it's side, I am thinking I may need to add more photos . The little square openings are for cute drawers, I have these, they have all been painted. I would love to know what it's original use was. I think this would be great for craft storage, cleaning supplies, mini mud room type organizer. I am open to ideas with or without the drawers .....
q how can i make better use of this old piece of furniture

What is a cute idea to "dress up" a boarded up window in garage?

I want to make it look nice and useful at the same time. The garage is unfinished, and there is tons of storage space. I would love do a a "fake" window , perhaps with a mirror, or perhaps do half a window, and leave some of the space available for hooks or something . There are two of them, one in the back, and one on the side. Any ideas are welcome, even if totally different than mine.
q what is a cute idea to dress up a boarded up window in garage

How can I "pretty up" the area around the garbage cans?

I am not too concerned with the actual garbage cans. More so interested in making the area around it and leading to driveway nicer. I can easily get rid of the weeds that grow near it, but looking for ideas of what to plant , or perhaps some kind of rock border around it. And also, ideas for plants/flowers in driveway area. Any ideas /recommendations on how to add a little color to the shaded area in the background would be great. It really gets almost no sun due to the large tree there.
q how can i pretty up the area around the garbage cans

How can I easily improve drainage without spending a lot of money?

My patio has small depressions in it, which has always been an issue when it rains. However, I would really like to use the areas around it to plant. No matter how small an amount of water I use, there is no where for the water to drain. I can definately add a rock border in front of the garden. But my main concern/interest is what I can inexpensively do so I don't have to have a flood in the areas pictured afterwards?I am a total amateur, so please feel free to critique anything, and definately let me know what kind of better pics/views I can share.
q how can i easily improve drainage without spending a lot of money

What to do with these shelf to ceiling "poles"?

We are finishing the basement, and for the life of me, I cannot figure out what these wooden poles are called. Just want some ideas on how to paint them/stain them. that area will be a light grey, and the bench/storage underneath not sure yet. totally open for any and all ideas! thanks!
q what to do with these shelf to ceiling poles

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Maleah Jo
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