goodbye popcorn for oh so cheap, diy, home maintenance repairs, Goodbye Popcorn For Oh So Cheap

Goodbye Popcorn... For Oh-So-Cheap!

We removed our popcorn ceiling using basic household materials and some elbow grease. Check out our post for full details on the removal process:

mostly pallet wood farmhouse table with gutter succulent planter, diy, flowers, gardening, how to, outdoor furniture, outdoor living, painted furniture, pallet, repurposing upcycling, succulents, woodworking projects

Mostly Pallet Wood Farmhouse Table With Gutter Succulent Planter

We're "at it" again with the pallet wood! We needed a nice place for my family to dine when they came for a visit, so we built a fun table. Hope you enjoy our tutorial and find some time to "al fresco" dine in your near future! Check out our website for full details. Erin @ Upcycled Ugly

diy industrial ceiling fan with garden planter cage lights, home decor, lighting, repurposing upcycling

DIY Industrial Ceiling Fan [With Garden Planter Cage Lights]

See how we saved a ton of money by creating our own Industrial Ceiling Fan with Garden Planter Cage Lights. We'll show you exactly how we did it and even give you a price break-down of exactly what we spent! Come see us at

diy storm windows, diy, how to, windows, woodworking projects, The finished product

DIY: Storm Windows

Storm windows are in just in time for Winter. Check out our two part series on how to build and hang these glorious draft-killers! Perfect for those with old windows and energy conscious minds!

upcycled pallet wood bench, diy, painted furniture, pallet, repurposing upcycling, woodworking projects, Pallet Wood Bench

Upcycled Pallet Wood Bench

This bench was created from 100% pallet wood (plus a few nails and a coat of polyurethane). Here are the basic instructions to build the bench, but a lot more information on dismantling pallets and detailed building instructions are available at

ugly shed redo with mostly reclaimed materials, curb appeal, diy, outdoor living, repurposing upcycling, After

Ugly Shed Redo with Mostly Reclaimed Materials

Just in time for Spring!
We transformed our super ugly sheds with very little money with scrap pallet, fence, and miscellaneous lumber. The door on the large shed was our old back door (we replaced with a glass door from Habitat ReStore). We also used paint we were given to paint the blue shed. Even the flower box brackets were in someone's trash. Our "splurge" was the fun orange paint for the doors!
Visit our site for a few in-between steps:

rusty file cabinet cactus planter, flowers, gardening, repurposing upcycling, succulents

Rusty File Cabinet Cactus Planter

We've been looking for a way to add a little rustic to our house on a budget. When we came across an inexpensive file cabinet on Craigslist, we knew just what to do! We'll tell you how we achieved this rusty patina!

storage locker unit shed thing, diy, home improvement, outdoor living, storage ideas, woodworking projects

Storage Locker Unit Shed Thing

Now that we've completed a renovation on our home, we're moving on to designing a great backyard. We don't have too much space in the back, so we're trying to make the most of it.
We still wanted (a) a view of nature/trees, (b) not to have to pull a city permit for a large shed- hah! and (c) to use some reclaimed materials. We're still hoping for grass to grow or we'll install a stone patio of some sort.
It's not everyone's style, but we worked hard and had a great time seeing it transform!

how to simple stump stool with caster wheels, repurposing upcycling, seasonal holiday decor, Simple Stump Stool with Caster Wheels

How-To: Simple Stump Stool With Caster Wheels

We turned a roadside stump into functional seating for our porch (or a perch for seasonal decor)!
See more details at

evolving exterior update, outdoor living, porches

Evolving Exterior

We bought this small house in McKinney, Texas with the idea of fixing it up and turning it into a family home. The project has been more challenging and more rewarding than we ever could have imagined.
The Summer after we bought, we tore off all of the damaged vinyl siding to find cypress in fairly good condition. We chose a fun paint color to bring it to life.
In the Fall of 2014, we delved into an extensive restoration/addition project that added a master suite and a new kitchen while gutting and restoring much of the old house.