organizing pockets using mushroom containers

Organizing Pockets Using Mushroom Containers

Getting things off the work table and desk are essential in a small workroom. So I made this happen.

adapting a tray for under the tv

Adapting a Tray for Under the Tv.

I had two trays left over after I put both monitors on the desk at eye level. So, I needed one under the tv. But it had legs just a bit too far apart to fit on my tv table. So, I fixed it!!

glass nugget address sign

Glass Nugget Address Sign

This sign was labor intensive but sooooo worth it. Using glass nuggets, sign wood and numbers, it came together nicely.

from dollar tree cutting board to mini clip board

From Dollar Tree Cutting Board to Mini Clip Board!!

I used this cutting board till it was too scratched. Then I used it for hot glue drips. Then for paint drips. Then I thought of another use for it. It's found it's new home.

dishwasher baby bottle shelf to sewing storage

Dishwasher Baby Bottle Shelf to Sewing Storage

By thinking outside the box, I repurposed this little 1.00 item into a useful sewing storage.

save a collection on pretty frames

Save a Collection on Pretty Frames

I wanted my tiny snail collection to be safe in case someone bumped my book shelves. With the help of my wonderful neighbor, I was able to do just that.

little jar of rice to keep felt tip pen fresh

Little Jar of Rice to Keep Felt Tip Pen Fresh

I recently took on the 3 day task of photographing all the jewelry I have to sell.It required keeping organized without too much stress and strain.

lacy toilet lid cover

Lacy Toilet Lid Cover

When my little cabinet turned out so cute, I decided to "foo foo" my toilet lid, too.

new use for old floppy disk case

New Use for Old Floppy Disk Case

For the most part, floppies are no longer useful. However, their cases can be. I just found these for 10 cents at a thrift shop, and can think of several things to do with them. My photo is of photo storage. Here are some of the other ideas I had in mind:

super easy and fast pin cushion

Super Easy and Fast Pin Cushion

This doesn't have but one step so sorry for the short post. But there really aren't any so here you go just the same.When you have an "impromptu" sewing project and don't have a pin cushion, consider this.You simply grab a ball of yarn that you no longer need, and stuff it into a container like this frosting one, an old mug, a coffee can, or Crystal Light tube. Voila! Instant pin cushion!Acrylic yarn is great for pins, as they slide through the fibers so easily. You can even keep smaller knitting needles in there, as there is plenty of room for the tips and won't make the cup fall.N-JOY!

Sandra Allen
Sandra Allen
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