baby crib gone fur baby gate

Baby Crib Transformed Into Fur Baby Gate

When our baby girl got to big for her crib we knew we wanted to transform it into something we could still see and use around the house. My daughter LOVES our family dogs, so we decided to break it down and convert it to something they could use. What did we make? A pretty fur baby gate!

bathroom makeover, bathroom ideas, painting, wall decor

Bathroom Makeover

Our pipes burst and forced us to remodel two of our bathrooms. This bathroom we decided to go bold and bright with wall paper, tile, countertop, chandelier and even a custom window shutter. The end result: we love it!

makeup mess problem solved, organizing, storage ideas

Makeup Mess - Problem Solved!

I was so tired of digging through my makeup bag every morning to find each bottle or compact I needed to apply! I found myself dumping my bag into my sink and putting each item back in the bag as I used it. Until I thought of this.....

bathroom remodel barn door hardware, bathroom ideas, diy, doors, home improvement, rustic furniture

Bathroom Remodel - Barn Door Hardware

When our pipes burst and our bathrooms flooded we were forced to remodel. After all of the dust settled we realized it was a blessing in disguise.

babies first tree, christmas decorations, crafts, Babies First Tree

Baby's First Tree

When my daughter turned one and her little feet began to grow I just couldn't bear the thought of parting with all of her adorable shoes! So, I put on my thinking cap and came up with an idea we could enjoy year after year!

how to store christmas tree garlands, christmas decorations, how to, organizing, Slip ends onto hooks hanging on wall

How to Store Christmas Tree Garlands

Wiring up gorgeous garlands takes lot's of time! Once you have them looking full and pretty - who wants to dismantle them after Christmas is over? That takes too much time, effort, and energy! Check out this fool-proof storage trick!
1 Roll of Painters Plastic Drop Cloth

bottle cap magnets, crafts, repurposing upcycling, Use photos or craft paper for your background

Bottle Cap Magnets

WARNING: Everyone who see's these magnets on your refrigerator will ask you where you got them? When they find out you made them they will ask you how! And insist on making a batch together so they get the steps right. Have fun!
Gather a few dozen caps. All shapes and sizes! Bottle caps, milk jug caps, plastic caps.. I usually keep a jar in my kitchen cupboard to collect caps as bottles get emptied.

manatee kids craft, crafts, Manatee Kids Craft Sea Cow s

Manatee Kids Craft

My son's school classroom calls themselves the MIGHTY MANATEES. Being the crafty family that we are we decided to make good use of all the plastic baby food tubes we had been saving. Take a peek and see what we crafted for his classroom Halloween treats! Mighty Manatee Candy Holders.
(supplies: empty storage containers such as Pringles Chips or baby crackers, silver spray paint, grey tube socks, 1/4 yard scrap fabric, tissue or crumpled paper and goggly eyes)

Karen S Gillman
Karen S Gillman