door transformation, The After

Door Transformation

I (my wife) decided to re decorate our door and give it some more Provence touch.We added 3 squares made of molding and painted it with a matte finish dark blue color. The result really transforms the entire entryway.

my new baby boy clothing unit

My New Baby Boy Clothing Unit

Following to my pregnant wife vision, we decided to buy a clothing closet for our new baby boy.We presented the closet plans to some professional carpenters and we got bids which exceeded our expectations and were over $4500.I decided to take matters into my own** hands!I have some experience with wood working and I have some relevant tools, but I have never built such a thing...Welcome to my journey, hope you will have fun as me... **My father took a big part in that project, even though he has no experience with wood working :)

upside down

Upside-down "candle Lamps"

1. The "candle lamps" are from Golf-home.2. I drilled them and placed them upside down.3. I did all the electricy connections.4. Painted the top plate with black spray.