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Easy DIY Concrete Counters: The Missing Link.

When choosing counter tops for our new kitchen, I'll be honest: CHEAP was the #1 priority. So Ardex was the clear winner. But there was one problem with all those concrete skim-coating tutorials out there: they assumed you had an EXISTING counter. What do you do when there's nothing to spread the Ardex on? I'll show you how we built our counter tops from scratch, and spent less than $150 on the whole project.

when good projects go bad, crafts, flowers, gardening, mason jars, succulents, Hanging Mason Jar Planters Good in concept

When Good Projects Go Bad

I don't craft often, but when I do, I usually fail. Exhibit A: my first (and last) mason jar craft.

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Window Painting 101

A step-by-step approach to painting your windows sloppily, yet having everything magically turn out okay. Because when it comes to DIY, skillz and careful preparation will only get you so far, and then they'll waste your time.

stairway to heaven, flooring, foyer, kitchen design, woodworking projects, Refinished stairs in the front entry

Stairway to Heaven

In order to put an official end to our 18-month-long kitchen remodel, I had only one project left to complete: refinish the stairs. They had to be pretty enough to deserve a place in the sparkly new kitchen. I'd say I accomplished that.

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How to Remove Popcorn Ceiling (and Then Fix the Damage You Caused)

Let's talk for a moment about the "texture that must not be named." You've all seen the tutorials on how to get rid of it. And guess what? Getting rid of it isn't hard. But getting rid of it without also damaging the drywall underneath...that's a whole different story.

how to remove paint from antique hardware, painted furniture, repurposing upcycling

How to Remove Paint From Antique Hardware

I've spent a lot of time stripping paint from wood, but this was my first attempt at stripping metal. I decided to go with the "slow-cooker" method, and to my complete surprise, it was really easy!

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The Birds: Origami Nursery Decor

What qualities do you look for in a baby mobile? Bright colors? Blinky lights? Movement?
How about something an adult might actually enjoy looking at?

the sunshower chandelier, bedroom ideas, diy, how to, lighting, The Sunshower Chandelier made from mirrors

The Sunshower Chandelier

Imagine a chandelier that's sparkly, but not ostentatious. One that's feminine, but not girly. Whimsical, without screaming "THIS IS FOR A BABY'S ROOM!"
Imagine a chandelier that reminds you of sunshine on falling raindrops.

the hardest button to button a diy tufted storage ottoman, painted furniture, storage ideas, reupholster, DIY diamond tufted storage ottoman

The Hardest Button to Button: A DIY Tufted Storage Ottoman.

During my recent music room makeover, I found myself looking for ways to incorporate some extra seating. My sights settled on an old cedar-lined storage chest, which was the right height for seating but didn't present the most inviting surface. I considered simply upholstering it, but one day while listening to The White Stripes' song "The Hardest Button to Button," I thought, why just wrap the lid in fabric when I could do something WAY more complicated? Wouldn't that be FUN??
And so, the plan for the diamond-tufted storage ottoman was born.

the microphone chandelier, diy, electrical, lighting, repurposing upcycling, The Golden Microphone Chandelier

The Microphone Chandelier

Okay. A box of microphones, a string of Christmas lights, and a can of gold spray paint walk into a bar. The gold spray paint, being the most flamboyant of the group, yells, "Shots are on me tonight! WOO!!" None of them remembers what happens after that, but apparently one thing leads to another. Because the next morning, the three of them wake up like this:

Sarah's Big Idea
Sarah's Big Idea
About meRemember Brain from "Pinky and the Brain"? I'm like the Brain of DIY projects: every day a new plan for taking over the DIY world, every night another failed attempt. If, like me, you also have grand ambitions but lack the skills to make it happen, we should be friends.