how to paint dark veneer cabinets

How to Paint Dark Veneer Cabinets

When we bought our house three years ago I loved everything about it and I was so excited about everything in it. As soon as we got into it and really started living in it there were a couple things that just bugged me about the house. I still love it but there were a few things I wanted to change, one being the counter tops/vanity in my master bathroom. The look of tile on counter tops is nice but they drove me crazy, the grout lines especially, trying to really clean them out and getting all the tooth paste out of it was a nightmare. So when we decided to paint the vanity white, I decided that we needed to change out the counter tops too.

how to tile a bathtub to make it look like a spa

How to Tile a Bathtub to Make It Look Like a Spa

When we were looking to buy our house one of the major things that we were looking for was an awesome master suite. And in that suite our master bathroom HAD to have a nice big tub. When we found our house I immediately fell in love with the corner tub and it was my favorite thing in the room. Well we decided to redo it and change out the tile and now I love the bathtub 10x more! I seriously cannot stop looking at it, it's so pretty and I love the outcome!

how to tile a bathroom floor with 12x24 gray tiles

How to Tile a Bathroom Floor With 12x24 Gray Tiles

This past month we took on the project of remodeling/redoing our master bathroom. Our house was built in 2010 so the the finishes are very brown. Since it's only 6 years old all we had to do was change out the finishes and use the existing layout of the bathroom. Here is a quick over view of how we tiled the floor, but if you want a VERY detailed tutorial on how we did it, what we used (including the exact tile we used) make sure to check out my blog post. I took lots of photos along the way :)

easter egg wreath, crafts, wreaths

Easter Egg Wreath

Anyone else ready for spring??? I sure am! Where I live we have hit a record for the most snow in a winter, and that record was made in the 1950s! It's been awful and I am ready for some sunshine and warm weather! Now that February is over we can start thinking about spring and Easter. This Easter egg wreath is the perfect, easy project to do to brighten up an area.

how to frost a window for more privacy, how to

How to Frost a Window for More Privacy

Do you any some kind of eye sore when you walk into your house? Well we do and it is my son's bedroom. It's a bedroom but the previous owners used it as an office and so there are glass french doors that go to it. I used to have little curtains on the doors but then the kids kept pulling them down, so we needed to find another solution for it because I hated when people came to my house, the first thing they saw was my son's messy bedroom.

diy statement planked wall

DIY Statement Planked Wall

Do you have a large wall that you want to make into a statement piece? Then this is the project for you. It's easy, inexpensive and brings the wow factor to the room. My brother wanted a pop of color and a statement piece in his living room, so he and my nephews put up this planked wall in about a day!

diy rope baskets, crafts

DIY Rope Baskets

A couple weeks ago I made a fun little side table for the side of my couch. I love how it turned out but I wanted to find some fun baskets to go on it that would give it a nice pop of color. I decided that I wanted something bright, so I went with yellow. I looked online and all over the stores to find the perfect baskets but had no luck. Then I found a rope basket that I loved the look of but couldn't find a pair (and you can't buy it online). So I used that rope basket for inspiration and made my own.

diy sofa side table, painted furniture

DIY Sofa Side Table

In our loft area there is a little section right by our sectional that is about a foot away from the wall. It's a little bit of wasted space, so I decided that I wanted to do something with that space to make it more functional. Since I knew that I couldn't find a table that would fit that area perfectly I wanted to make one. It was super easy to do and now that space is functional!

diy sofa table for only 30, painted furniture

DIY Sofa Table for Only $30

Do you ever walk around your house and decide that you need to change things up? Make things like more grown up? Well about two months ago, that was me. I decided that I wanted to make my house look nicer and not as "cutesy". So one particular day I had had enough with some of my decor so I took out a hammer and started taking things down. And I am happy to say that I love the area so much more than I did before!

shiplap wall in the master bedroom for less than 100, bedroom ideas

Shiplap Wall in the Master Bedroom for Less Than $100

This past weekend we decided to give our master bedroom a much needed makeover. I think that your bedroom should be a place where you feel like you can relax and get away from the stress and problems of the world. Well our old design wasn't cutting it so we had to do some changes and I LOVE how it came out! The best part is that it only took a weekend to do and about $100!

Kaysi Gardner
Kaysi Gardner
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