dollartree pumpkin wreath trimmed for bridal bouquet

DollarTree Pumpkin Wreath Trimmed For Bridal Bouquet!

Sometimes, someone just takes a idea already there, and just trim it up a bit for something else...

candy cane wreath

Candy Cane Wreath

Hello! I am working with a candy cane form, and already created the traditional striped with holiday...

mercorn wreath half unicorn half mermaid made from the dollartree wi

DIY Mercorn Wreath & Made From The DollarTree Witch Hat!!

Hi again and I want to say Thank you to everyone who has Subscribed to my Youtube channel from...

diy mermaid tail from a repurposed dollartree witch hat repurpose

#DIY Mermaid Tail From A Repurposed DollarTree Witch Hat! #repurpose

I am on my way to creating a new idea for the witch hat for the folks who love wreaths and enjoys...

diy dollar tree witch hat into a mermaid wreath

DIY Dollar Tree Witch Hat Into A Mermaid Wreath!

I am truly enjoying some new design ideas made out of the dollartree witch hat. Here is a mermaids...

diy project the dollartree witch hat repurposed

DIY Project: The DollarTree Witch Hat Repurposed

Hello! I have been in love with the idea of repurposing the DollarTree witch hat. Last year, and...

witch hat into magical pink fairy hat

Witch Hat Into Magical Pink Fairy Hat

Hello!The season is arriving this year in 2018, and I like buying a case of DollarTree witch hat...

recycle water fountain into solar night time decor for garden

Recycle Water Fountain Into Solar Night Time Decor For Garden

My fountain was cream colored and worked for many years. Last year, the pump broke down and the...

diy tree stumps into yard decorations seasonal

DIY Tree Stumps Into Yard Decorations Seasonal

I made a careful decision to cut down this mulberry tree in my yard. I told the tree service to...

diy alert new idea ceiling tin tiles for yard decor

DIY Alert New Idea!!! Ceiling Tin Tiles For Yard Decor!!

Hello from Michigan!I wanted to add more privacy plus a focal point for my privacy fence we...

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