Refinish kitchen cabinets

Do i need to strip my kitchen cabinets if i just want a much darker stain on them?

Do we need to put a tub in a master bath remodel?

Recently purchased at 45 year old home and combining 2 tiny baths into a master bath. Do we "need" to include a bath tub? In doing so we will be taking space out of our closets… which is more valuable?

Hair line transverse crack in concrete garage floor in brand new home

My home is 6 months old and when sweeping the garage this morning I noticed a transverse hair line crack in the concrete, that has appeared virtually over night. This is my last and final home to be built. (retired) I am concerned that I may have a problem in the future. How should this be repaired and what has caused this to happen? I live in coastal Georgia in a low lying, clay dominant area. We had a lot of rain this past year. My home was built under a contractor/home owner contract. Do I need to call my builder for repairs? Thanks in advance for any advice, help or guidance.

CapStone Home Renovations
CapStone Home Renovations