Putting Dining Room Chair into my Garden?

Hi All!I garbage-picked a single dining room chair that's a boring Parson's style with a (bad!) factory off-white "lacquer" finish.I absolutely do not want to put any... See more

QuikCrete Over Pillows???

I'd like to start experimenting with using QuikCrete in my garden. I garbage-picked some small pillows (maybe 12" x 12") decorated with heavy yarn "lace" and 3D... See more

How can I create a fake "tree" on my front lawn?

I love my garden and outdoor art such as wind chimes, rain chains, etc. My tree in the front lawn came down during Irma and now I have nothing to hang things from.... See more

How to remove UV window film

My home is 40 years old and previous owners had put UV window film on sliding doors. I've tried everything to try to remove the film so I can properly clean the... See more

UGGH! I have 2 walls covered with mirrors, hate them! Flooring over??

I have an 80's FlaDuh villa with 2 walls covered with floor to ceiling mirrors that are glued to the drywall. I'm looking for a relatively easy way to transform... See more

Can my tree regrow after falling during Hurricane Irma???

Hi All! I need all your knowledge and advice!I had a eucalyptus tree that came down during Hurricane Irma I loved that tree!The guy who cut it up so we could escape... See more

Comfy chair for Incontinence? Advice needed!

Hi All!We are having to place Mom into a Memory Care residence and wish to make her room as cozy and stylish as possible. At this point in time, she wears "pull-ups"... See more

What would be the best non-toxic concrete driveway paint? Issues!

wnHi All! I need some objective pro advice about painting my driveway. I'm being forced to paint it by some Condo Commandos lol! aka my Homeowner's Association. ... See more

Can I paint a concrete driveway during the night???

I am in big trouble with some Condo Commandos! aka my Homeowner's Association. My concrete driveway needs to be painted before the first week in September.rI am in... See more

Robyn Garner
Robyn Garner