make a 3d paper star lantern

Make a 3D Paper Star Lantern

Why spend money on a paper star lantern, when you can make your own?With this easy tutorial, you can learn to fold a 3D star out of paper. Hang it up just as it is, or add a string of lights, or use a lantern kit for an extra special touch.

how to make origami paper stars

How to Make Origami Paper Stars

These 3D folded paper stars are quick and easy to make. And you can make them out of any scrap of paper!Use them for decorations, or to add a little something special to a gift basket. You can also stick them inside a card in the mail.

make rustic stars out of sticks

Make Rustic Stars Out of Sticks

Do you love craft and DIY projects that are free as much as I do?These adorable rustic looking stars are completely free to make. You just have to gather some sticks from your yard or a local park. That, plus some string and a little creativity, and you're on your way.See the tutorial below. You can see more photos, plus download a free DIY guide over at Single Girl's DIY.

how to make your own sign stencils

How to Make Your Own Sign Stencils

Cute signs are everywhere these days, right?Rather than buying something ready made and impersonal from a store, here's how you can make your own adorable sign with DIY stencils. (No special cutting machines required!)For more inspiration, be sure to check out all the cute sign projects on my website.

make an easy diy display stand out of scraps

Make Easy DIY Display Shelves (Out of Scraps)

I inherited a few keepsakes from my grandmother, and I wanted a way to display them. I considered making small shelves out of wood for my display cabinet. I was trying to figure out what materials and tools I would need, and how to cut and fit everything together. The plan was getting overly complicated and holding me back.Here's what I did instead...

how to clear a clogged sink drain without chemicals

How to Clear a Clogged Sink Drain (Without Chemicals)

If your sink drain is backing up, try these simple steps to clean out the trap before you shell out money for a plumber (or a liquid plumber).And for more easy home maintenance and DIY tips that anyone can do, be sure to follow me over at Single Girl's DIY.

how to make a frame out of sticks

How to Make a Frame Out of Sticks

Framing is expensive!Check out this easy tutorial to make a frame out of sticks. This will work for any picture or art piece. It's fun and easy to create this rustic (and free) frame.

display fall color with diy pressed leaves artwork

Display Fall Color With DIY Pressed Leaves Artwork

The beautiful colors of fall can be fleeting. But you can preserve them a little longer by pressing autumn leaves, and turning them into artwork. This is a cheap and easy way to decorate your home for fall!Be sure to check out some of my other favorite, inexpensive craft and decor projects over at Single Girl's DIY.

make a floor pouf from a drop cloth

Make a Floor Pouf From a Drop Cloth

When you can't afford to buy home decor, make your own!That's what I did with this floor pouf I made from a drop cloth. It can be used as extra seating, but I wanted it for a sort of side table in my living room. And it only cost a few dollars to make.Drop cloths are a great starting point for lots of thrifty home decor projects. For more ideas, be sure to check out these Three Stylish Drop Cloth Home Decor Projects You Can Make for Cheap.

make a dry erase memo board from an old picture frame

Make a Dry Erase Memo Board From an Old Picture Frame

Why just write notes on scratch paper, or a boring old white board? You can turn an old picture frame into a pretty custom memo board.Perfect for a home command station, dorm room, or even your office at work, this project is cheap and easy to do. And the result is pretty and practical.Let's get started!

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