how to paint ikea laminate furniture a step by step guide, how to, painted furniture

How to Paint IKEA Laminate Furniture: A Step-by-Step Guide

I’ve done what I wasn’t sure was possible…I painted IKEA laminate…with SUCCESS!!! I think I’m still pinching myself over this one. I’ve wondered for a while if I could in fact paint some of my favorite IKEA purchases to give them a more custom look. I was skeptical because of the infamous slick surfaces, but after reading several articles online (here’s looking at you, Bob Vila!), I decided to go for it. It’s definitely do-able, but be sure to read my complete guide below!

how to transform an ugly brown cork board with fabric, crafts, how to, reupholster, wall decor

How to Transform an Ugly, Brown Cork Board With Fabric

Both of my kids had those boring, brown cork boards that they wanted to display in their rooms. I loved that they wanted to cover them with pictures (both that they had drawn and also of photos of themselves and family members). I did not love that the brown-ness clashed with everything in their rooms.

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What I Did With Recycled Puzzle Pieces

Lately, I’ve felt some conflicting feelings from the two separate sides of my personality. You see, I’m an organized-neat freak/ repurposing-hoarder. Say that ten times fast.
The majority of my personality likes simplicity, order, organization, and the “less is more” mentality. But, there is this sneaky dark side that I sometimes hear murmuring…”But what if you need this scrap wood?”…”foam padding is expensive…you should save the scraps”…”these random items could come in really handy for an xyz project…”. The next thing I know, my basement looks like a fire hazard and our guest bedroom is fit for no guest at all.
To this end, I’ve tried to become very mindful of what I save for repurposing projects.

farmhouse fun entryway table in ofmp pitch black, painted furniture

Farmhouse Fun: Entryway Table in OFMP Pitch Black

One of my favorite parts about getting to participate in The Fab Furniture Flippin’ Contest each month is that it pushes me outside of my comfort zone. Trying products I’ve never heard of or experienced, and giving different techniques a go stretches me in a really good way. This month is no exception, as the sponsor is The Old Fashioned Milk Paint Co. and the theme is “Farmhouse Fun”.

how we turned a closet into a mudroom for under 200 , closet, foyer, organizing, reupholster

How We Turned a Closet Into a Mudroom for Under $200!!

Perhaps I should have named this post, “How We Turned a Closet into a Mudroom, AND SAVED MY SANITY”. Because really, that is what this project was all about.
Do you have an area of your home that makes you completely crazy at times? Nah? Me either…kidding, of course!
One of the most out of control zones in our home was the “shoe hell” that had taken up roots in our laundry room. I can’t even call this teeny, tiny square of the room a legit “mudroom” because it really wasn’t. It was more of a “drop all your crap when you walk in the door” collect all.

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Easy Upcycle: Decorative Storage Containers

Recently I used up the last remnants of several Bath and Body Works candles (anyone remember Caribbean Escape?! BEST scent ever, and sadly they don’t make it any more.) I was determined to use those cute glass jars for something else.
After a couple of Pinterest searches, I found a method of cleaning out the little bit of wax still remaining in the jars. In case you need to do the same thing, here’s what I did. I didn’t take any pictures of this process, but it was very simple. I poured boiling water into the candle and let it completely cool. Once it cools completely, the remaining wax will float up to the top and harden. I was able to just pop it out. Then, I pulled the metal wick pieces out. The labels pulled off easily, and a bit of Goo-Gone helped with any stubborn sticky or gunky parts! I ran them through the dishwasher, and they were ready to go!

coastal inspirations with saltwash, how to, painted furniture

Coastal Inspirations With Saltwash

I’m back with another round of The Fab Furniture Flippin’ Contest. For the month of June, the theme was “Coastal Inspirations” and the contest was sponsored by Saltwash.
I’ve been following Saltwash on Instagram for quite a while now, and I was so excited to get to try their product! Saltwash is an additive that you can add to any type of paint to create a worn, beachy look. Saltwash gives a layered and textured effect that can be achieved with a very simple process.

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Mix and Match: Playroom Seating Solutions

Another month, another entry to reveal. This month, we were challenged to Mix and Match in this contest by Fairfield World. Fairfield World is an online retailer of batting, interfacing, foam…everything fillers and pillows! They have a great selection of brands and products available.
I knew this would be the perfect opportunity to create some fun, simple seating in our playroom. I wanted to create a floor pouf for each of my kiddos, and then decided to throw in some oversized pillows for floor lounging as well.
I ordered two bags of bean bag filler from Fairfield World, and selected two different prints for the poufs. The best part is that I was able to make each of these poufs with only 1 yard of fabric! I feel like this is quite the accomplishment!

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DIY Artwork Hanging Clips

We have a couple of pretty great little artists living in our household, and one of my favorite ways to decorate is with their pictures and sweet notes. We installed an IKEA wire in the playroom shortly after moving in. lovelies (who are really, truly darn good kids most of the time) decided to try to zipline on the wire. Yes. Zipline. Our Addy has always been little, but that "zipline" couldn't even hold her weight. Imagine the scene: the wire pulled completely out of the wall, along with plaster. It was a complete mess.
We patched that disaster, and then eventually did a switch-a-roo and the former playroom became my new office (swapping the orange paint for a more calm gray). I wanted a new way to display the kids' that would not be temping to play on. ;)

make a statement end table refresh, chalk paint, painted furniture

Make a Statement: End Table Refresh

It's that time again...the big reveal of my latest project for the monthly Fab Furniture Flippin' Contest! I love getting to be a part of this group and having the opportunity to try new products each month. For the month of February, the sponsor was DecoArt (specifically their Americana Chalky Paint), and the theme was "Make a Statement".

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