How do I get the Christmas Spirit?

P.S. I don't Drink! I haven't even thought about what I can do for Christmas Brunch (Everyone is working a 2pm shift) this year....... Bah Humbug!

Winter protection for 2' dia Agave Cactus too big and heavy to move ?

Hni, I have two large Agave on my terrace which have now become too large and heavy to move inside for the winter here in the UK. Last year I used Bubble plastic,... See more

How do I remove mealybugs from my jade plant?

I have unfortunately not been able to vent my conservatory due to damage done to roof lights (stuck) and no time to try to fix them. As a consequence I have... See more

Ideas for Black Plastic Plant Pots?

I have very many Plastic Plant Pots and will soon start to clear some. What Ideas do other folk have besides using them for plants. Thanks

Ideas to use a large quantity of Artificial Stone Cladding?

The Cladding is random size and colours, purchased, but not used. Boxes stored outside and beginning to break up now!

Fencing problem. Any ideas?

Our garden backs onto a School Playing field/Football Pitches etc. At present we have a 2' wall with Piers jutting into the garden. The top of wall and piers have... See more

Sink Draining board Plate Rack Driers

Anyone have ideas to repurpose plastic and chrome wire sink plate drainers..?I SEEM TO HAVE COLLECTED A FEW OF DIFFERENT SIZES....

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