my hardwood floor refinishing tips tricks

My Hardwood Floor Refinishing Tips & Tricks

Hey there, Kier here, The Healthy Home Improvement Blogger. Today I want to talk with you guys about refinishing hardwood floors! I promise, refinishing hardwood floors isn't as scary as it seems! If you can push a lawn mower you can handle this project (probably.)Over the years, between myself and Mr. Stone Head, we've accumulated some knowledge, tips and tricks on how to refinish your hardwood floors - DIY style and I'll list them all for you here in this post!

how to make paneling look like drywall 5 easy steps

How To Make Paneling Look Like Drywall - 5 Easy Steps

Sometimes it's just not in the budget to replace old, ugly, outdated paneling with new drywall. So here's a home improvement hack - don't! Turn that grooved wood paneling into what appears to be fresh drywall!

11 steps to a professional paint job

11 Steps to a Professional Paint Job

I'm strange in that I LOVE TO PAINT! I actually dread painting closets (and ceilings kinda suck after a while too) but other than that you could hand me a paint brush any day of the week and I'd be happy. Check out my full tutorial on my blog - it covers an entire room from top to bottom including caulking and spackling!

gel stain kitchen cabinets step by step tutorial

Gel Stain Kitchen Cabinets | Step by Step Tutorial

I gel stained our kitchen cabinets in our first flip and loved the outcome so much I gel stained both vanities and the medicine cabinets in both bathrooms!! Check out the full step by step tutorial on my blog.... (I tried to make it as simple as possible yet answer all the questions I had before I started! There, you'll also find all the pretty after pictures!

Kiersten Vogt
Kiersten Vogt
About meI am the healthy home improvement blogger. I blog about home DIY projects like laying laminate flooring, gel staining cabinets, painting an entire room (spackling cracks and all), installing doorknobs on slab doors, installing DIY concrete countertops. We buy, rehab, RENT, repeat & buy, rehab, SELL, repeat. So I kind of know what I'm doing ;-)