How to insulate a crawl space?

where to get Terra Block insulation in around Niagara Falls

How do I find a pattern for an old fashioned bonnet for ladies?

These were worn by ladies & girls in years gone by.

How do you make a craft armoire?

Has anybody had any experience with either making a craft armoire from scratch or turning an old piece into a craft armoire (drawers, fold out or pull out... See more

How do I thread a sliding door built into the wall?

How do I thread a sliding door built into the wall that has come off its rail ?
q unhinged sliding door

How to get chalk off of hard wood floors?

My Grandson used a hammer to break up chalk on his bedroom floor! What is the best way to clean it up?

How do I make something out of jogging pants?

I have several pairs of old jogging pants that don't fit anymore. Any ideas of what I can make out of them?

How to use empty cake tins?

How can I use empty biscuit / cake tins?

How do clean grease on wooden kitchen cabinets?

My wooden kitchen cabinets are covered in grease and I have tried everything but can’t get it off any ideas ?

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Mona Blake
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