3 easy and low cost fourth of july decorating ideas

3 Easy and Low Cost Fourth of July Decorating Ideas

The Fourth July is one of my favorite holidays! I love the warm summer days, barbecues, parties and the amazing fireworks that celebrate our freedom. While the Fourth of July may not be a holiday that some people decorate for, I’ve found that there are some easy and cheap ways to make your holiday party more festive.All of these projects are very low-cost and easy to do an afternoon. If you have some mason jars and paint lying around, they may even be free!

how to start seeds indoors

How to Start Seeds Indoors

Living in Colorado can be challenging when it comes to gardening. Having a shorter growing season than some of the warmer states makes it harder to get a good harvest. One way to get a head start on the season is to start by growing your seeds indoors. I have started seeds inside now for a few years and I have learned a few tips and tricks along the way.I have both failed miserably at starting seeds and have impressed myself with some amazing vegetables. Here are my tips on starting seeds indoors. Be sure to read the last paragraph if you would like to know the easiest and fastest way to get amazing transplants every time!

girls room decor the perfect storage for your little girls hair bows

Girls Room Decor: The Perfect Storage for Your Little Girls Hair Bows

Are you looking for an amazingly cute and functional way to store all of your little girls accumulating hair accessories? This is the cutest way to add style to a girls room, while adding functionality!

the ultimate closet reorganization free download

The Ultimate Closet Reorganization! Free Download

With baby number 3 arriving any day and a closet that had no room to fit any of her new and adorable baby girl clothes, I decided to tackle the overwhelming problem of closet organization.The closet was filled with my two older boys clothes and an overwhelming assortment of toys, books, sheets and towels. After rearranging and purging a few non essentials, I found three things that can help anyone to create an organized kids closet that will look amazing!

create an amazing upscale dogbed out of a thrift store table

Create an Amazing Upscale Dogbed Out of a Thrift Store Table

I love to reinvent furniture. Sometimes instead of simply adding a whole new coat of paint, you can completely change the function of something just by adding a few extra pieces of wood. This year I decided to surprise my mom, who is a huge dog lover, with a new custom dog bed for Christmas. This project is really easy to recreate and only took a few days to put together.

upcycle an old horse swing into a carousel

Upcycle an Old Horse Swing Into a Carousel

Don't throw away your old horse swing! Simply add a few things to it to create your own life-sized carousel! Perfect for Christmas décor, portraits or a fancy decoration!I love Christmas decorating! There is just something about getting to add sparkly lights all around the house that just makes me so happy! As a child, my favorite thing besides the sparkly lights were carousel ornaments! That is something that will never change because this year, I scaled it up and created a huge carousel decoration for Christmas!

create an easy vintage style candle wreath

Create an Easy Vintage-Style Candle Wreath

I love wreaths. Every year I find myself making them just for fun and then I give them away as presents. This year, I have simplified my wreath making and am going with a less conventional ways of making wreaths. While I would like to say that I am getting away with having less glitter in my living room, this is sadly not the case. This lovely vintage style candle wreath has a little sparkle but is still really simple and easy to recreate.This year, the dollar store had solar-powered light up candles. I just knew I had to grab a bunch for my Christmas decorating, but I was not sure exactly where to start. After having these in the garage for a while, I finally decided that these would look great on a wreath or Christmas tree, much like how they were in the good old days.Here is what you will need to make a vintage style candle wreath:A plain wreath with nothing on itSome ribbon Green floral wire Some LED solar candle lights A few pieces of floral accents spray paint Glitter blast

try this amazing holiday decorating hack to transform your space

Try This Amazing Holiday Decorating Hack to Transform Your Space!

Christmas is here and the time has come to decorate and transform your space into a glittery wonderland. If you are a first time decorator or are looking for something easy and budget friendly this holiday, try this stress free secret weapon that can change an entire room with minimal supplies.Are you ready to hear the secret ingredient? Wine glasses! There are so many things you can do with these simple glasses! They can be found in thrift stores, dollar stores and department stores. They come in many shapes, sizes and colors. Check out these three wine glass decorations that you can make with minimal budget and effort!

create an easy christmas wine glass candle holder that will impress

Create an Easy Christmas Wine Glass Candle Holder That Will Impress

Halloween is over and the holiday spirit is starting to fill the air. It might seem early now, but with how fast time flies and all the things there are to do around this time of year, it can never be too early to think about holiday decorating! This Christmas wine glass candle holder is really easy and can be done in an afternoon. Make one or a bunch of these gorgeous Christmas centerpieces. In this one, I added a bird and pine cone floral stem, but your imagination is the limit on what you can put inside these cute candle holders. Basically all of the supplies for this, besides the paint, were purchased from the dollar store. I found a wine glass, flowers, Styrofoam snow, a saucer and the candles at Dollar Tree. I bought the frost paint at the craft store as well as some Snowtex (which is now my new favorite thing to use to create a snowy texture.)Here is what you will need for your own Christmas Wine glass candle holder: Wine glass Flowers for stem Saucer Candle Something for inside glass (I used a bird floral stem) Frost paintOptional: Styrofoam or table salt to add snow texture to saucer Snowtex Fairy lights Here is how to make your very own candle holder:First, spray paint the saucer with white or frost paint. Spray the back first, let it dry and then spray the front. If you would like it to have a snowy texture, simply add salt or small Styrofoam snow balls to the wet paint. Once the texture has dried, spray a quick clear top coat over the saucer to seal everything in. Also make sure your glass will still have a level place to rest after the texture is down.Next, spray paint the bottom, stem and back side of the wine glass with Frost paint. Basically spray everything except the front of the glass so there is a window left in the glass for your decoration to show through. Once the glass is dry, add your decoration inside the cup part of the glass. Make sure it shows through the window you created. If what you are using is small, you may need to glue it in place using hot glue. My bird was pretty tight, so it basically held itself in.Place the glass upside down on the saucer. Glue the glass in place using hot glue or e6000. (Or don’t glue and add fairy lights to the inside.) Adding the finishing touches:Hot glue some flowers on the stem to balance out the design and make it look even more festive. You could use flowers, bows or pine cones. Add some texture to the candle. I painted some Snowtex on my white candle to give some more texture. I also added a touch of texture around the rim of the bottom of the glass. Glue the candle down so everything stays together and enjoy your creation.You could also add some fairy lights inside your wine glass for even more sparkle. You would do this without gluing the glass down preferably so you can change our lights as needed. I hope you enjoy this beautiful Christmas candle centerpiece. This will look amazing on a mantle or a table and the look could be changed to accommodate any holiday! Be sure to subscribe and get the latest DIY projects! Also, follow us on Facebook to see all of our latest posts! We look forward to seeing all of your awesome creations!

create an amazing diy glam retro style christmas tree

Create an Amazing DIY “Glam” Retro-Style Christmas Tree

This year, Christmas decorating is going glam! It’s amazing how much difference a little sparkle can make in your decorating, especially during the best time of the year. My inspiration for this awesome gold glam tree is this old-fashioned ceramic tree that seemed be in every household about 30 years ago.I started with a .69 plastic tree that I found in a thrift store. Any plastic tree will do for what we are going to be doing.Here are the supplies you will need to make a retro-glam light up Christmas tree:A hollow plastic tree, any size Gold spray paint Gold glitter paint Small plastic jewelry beads Some white Christmas lights Snow-texHow to make your DIY Glam Christmas TreeFirst, spray paint the entire tree gold. Bake sure to spray from all angles as it can be difficult to reach all of the nooks and crannies on the tree.Once your first gold coat is dry, add another if any of the original is color shining through. After this has dried, spray paint the entire thing with gold glitter blast spray paint.Too add some texture to your project, use Snow-tex on the tips of some of the branches to create the look of fallen snow on the branches.My tree came pre-drilled with holes, but if you have a plastic tree without holes, have no fear, you can use a drill on its smallest drill bit to drill your own holes on the tips of the branches.Hot glue your crystal beads into each of the holes. Be very careful not to touch the hot glue. Since the beads are so small, I found it easiest to place the glue in the hole and then set the bead into it.If you think your tree may still need a little more glam or sparkle, paint on some big silver sequins using clear nail polish.For the finishing touch, push some lights up the middle hole and plug them in. Admire your beautiful glam Christmas tree and place it somewhere where you can enjoy its sparkle!I hope you enjoyed making your own glam Christmas decoration. I love how this sparkles and adds a little retro feel while still being modern and classy. If you are looking for more awesome Christmas DIY projects, check out these wine glass candle holders or if you are looking for some easy store-bought decorations, check out these amazing must haves.Be sure to give us a like on Facebook and subscribe to our Youtube for even more inspiration! We look forward to seeing you!