how to save and store geraniums, flowers, gardening, how to, storage ideas, 5th year and going strong


I have an easy way to save your geraniums from year to year. In mid September to early October cut...

bright and cheery round christmas centerpiece

Bright and Cheery Round Christmas Centerpiece

I re-purpose many items all the time. I like to save money and I like to create to make it mine. ...

making a easy christmas centerpiece

Making a Easy Christmas Centerpiece

Make it your own by making your own Christmas Centerpiece.I used a large (the size of a door wreath)...

wall art, Pretty Petals

Wall Art

Can't find the exact art you want for you home? Buy one and add your touch to make it yours.I bought...

cheap kitchen update

Cheap Kitchen Update!

I was so tired after ten years of the same black color wrought iron trim so I painted them Linen...

my small asian garden, A small area to meditate Chair or bench

My Small Asian Garden

The area I have in my yard for garden flowers and herbs is very small but I like to incorporate a...

making a deer proof outside arrangement

Making a Deer Proof Outside Arrangement

I was very tired of wasting money on flowers for my garden.

outdoor hanging basket

Outdoor Hanging Basket

I'm determined to fool the deer And look natural to the eye at a distance.

organizing your refrigerator space saver, appliances, organizing

Organizing Your Refrigerator Space Saver

Every wonder why you can't find anything in your refrigerator? Instead of knocking items over...

organizing keeping your cookie sheets and muffin pans neat, organizing

Organizing: Keeping Your Cookie Sheets and Muffin Pans Neat

Tired of no place or how to store your cookie sheets, cooling racks and muffin pans?

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