make your own pallet coffee table

Make Your Own Pallet Coffee Table

I jumped onto the pallet-to-coffee-table- bandwagon! Here's how I did it!

homemade gym part i olympic rings

Homemade Gym - Part I: Olympic Rings

I have the best "guys apartment."And I figured, what is a better way to DIY and improve my home than to add some sports equipment for the living room? Disclaimer:1) I have concrete walls and ceiling at home -- any attempt to try this project on wooden/drywall is not recommended - research and make sure you do it safely.2) Keep in mind basic physics: Jumping up and down and maneuvering your weight from one or two hooks attached to the ceiling is not something to be taken lightly.

upgrading an ikia lamp idias

Upgrading an IKEA Lamp

I had this IKEA lamp which I loved very much.But the thing is - my apartment doesn't have a lot of space. And what better way to make more room than hanging things from the ceiling.I am sure not everyone has a lamp like this, but this idea is to simply inspire others- who knows what great things you can do to upgrade your existing furniture!

Avner Israel
Avner Israel
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