reversible porch pillow

Reversible Porch Pillow

I had recently seen a really nice pillow that I thought would look so cool on my front porch bench. But it was 80 bucks. Dang. That’s a lot of money for a pillow. So what’s a crafty person to do? Figure out a way to do it cheaper and better! Mine has not one, but two messages on it, suitable for fall and winter, so I can use it a couple of different ways. First stop – Fabric Store. On my trip to JoAnn Fabrics, I picked up a 14x28" pillow form that was a nice size for my bench, and I had a 60% off coupon. Next, I found a remnant bolt of outdoor fabric that had a burlap look and it was on sale. And I found the cutest remnant of plaid flannel which was super cheap. (You’ll see what that’s for in a minute.) Triple score!

to thine own self be blue painting shutters tutorial, To Thine Own Self Be Blue

To Thine Own Self Be Blue - Painting Shutters Tutorial

Does your home’s exterior need some freshening up? Repainting your shutters can make a big impact and it can be done in a weekend with an HVLP sprayer. Follow my tutorial as I give my shutters new life with General Finishes Klein Blue Milk Paint.Sometimes the hardest part of a painting project is picking out a color. I had recently repainted the front door in Klein Blue and loved it. But I wasn’t sure if blue shutters would be too much. Maybe I should go with gray…or keep them black? Part of the house is brick and part is siding, so the color needed to look nice on both. I debated for months.I found one of those online tools where you upload a picture of your house (or room, whatever you are painting) and change the colors. There are several free ones available and boy, are they handy. Wow, now I could visualize my house with blue shutters! I tried a few other colors but KIein Blue was the clear favorite.

2 back to school map projects, Several map art pics

2 Back-to-School Map Projects

Using maps for crafts and decorating projects isn’t a new concept. But I was able to secure some old schoolroom maps from my former high school before it was torn down last winter, so these maps are super special! The bad part is they had been in an unused, unheated, vacant building for more than 20 years. Therefore, they were extremely brittle! This limited our design options since it was impossible to fold or bend the paper without it cracking. We really didn’t need scissors—we just broke off pieces, it was so crunchy. But my crafty mom and I were able to create a couple of “too cool for school” projects that we sold as part of an Alumni fundraiser.

rock roll photo op, Rock Roll memories

Rock & Roll Photo Op

I work for Woodcraft and we recently held our 21st National Sales Conference and Vendor Trade Show in Cleveland, Ohio. The home of The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame provided the perfect inspiration for the 2018 photo prop – a bigger-than-life electric guitar. Here's how it was made...

marvelous marble magnets

Marvelous Marble Magnets

Marble magnets are super easy, inexpensive, quick to make and fun to personalize. Have some craft time with the kids or grandkids, and make a bunch of them. You will need:· Bag of flat, round glass marbles - clear· Craft glue or E6000 glue· Heavy round magnets (flimsy ones won’t hold the weight of the glass)· Scissors, craft knife or circle craft punch· Glitter nail polish· Printed alphabet letters, sized to fit· Mod Podge

front door kiein blue redo

Front Door KIein Blue ReDo

I love a bold front door. You can make a huge impact on your house with just a few coats of paint in a stunning new shade.

boutique counter from an old door, Completed countertop

Boutique Counter From an Old Door

The two owners of a new women’s clothing store contacted me several months ago as they were planning the space for their new venture. They had an old five-panel door that they wanted to incorporate into the décor, which was going to be a mix of industrial, shabby chic and glam all wrapped into one.

doggy print flowers, Easy gift for the dog lover

Doggy Print Flowers

Here is a quick and easy project for the “Dog Mom” or dog lover in your life or even yourself to honor your furry best friend! This would make a fun gift to make with the kids or grandkids. All you need is a wood blank, some paint and a cooperative pup.

kitchen cabinet conundrum, After

Kitchen Cabinet Conundrum

Painting kitchen cabinets is a big job, but it can transform the look of your kitchen at a fraction of the cost of new cabinets. It may sound daunting, but breaking it down into bite-size steps can take away the fear factor.Here is the basic order of operation: clean, sand, prime (optional), paint and seal. Now, that’s not so bad, is it? When planning to paint your kitchen cabinets, there are a few considerations. Are your cabinets in sturdy shape (or should they be replaced)? If salvageable, what color/look are you going for? Do you need to prime first? Will you change the hardware (and if so, will you need new holes)? Are any repairs necessary? What products do you need to achieve best results?The oak cabinets in my kitchen had seen better days but they were solidly constructed, so I recently freshened them up with some paint and glaze. Here is how I achieved my “ugly oak to graceful gray” upgrade for under $200.

chalk talk, Use a brush roller or sprayer

Chalk Talk

Milk paint, chalk paint, furniture paint, mineral paint … it can get confusing. There are a large number of paints on the market these days for refinishing and updating furniture and interior projects, and there seem to be more every day. Let’s take a look at the different (and same) characteristics of each.

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