a permanent flower bed for my backyard

A Permanent Flower 'bed' for My Backyard

A quick concrete technique that's easy to do for lightweight stuff

micro mini greenhouse planter

Micro-mini Greenhouse Planter

A micro-greenhouse I made for a gardening buddy out of picture frames and a craft box

flat tire repair on a riding mower

Flat Tire Repair on a Riding Mower

Not my typical home improvement, but I hope it can save someone some time around the house, and not...

industrial look barn door

Industrial Look Barn Door

A friend asked me to make an industrial looking closet door for an upscale condo she was renovating....

upgrading a nightstand

UP-grading a Nightstand

A local remodeler needed two different nightstands to be the same height

a quick shelf for my kitchen window

A Quick Shelf for My Kitchen Window

A quick shelf for my kitchen window that didn't damage my cabinets in the process

flagstone firepit for the backyard

Flagstone Firepit for the Backyard

How I used leftover flagstones from an old flower bed and some easy concrete technique to create an...

safer porch steps at night with easy solar light mods, Not quite tall enough

Safer Porch Steps at Night With EASY Solar Light Mods

How I lit up my front deck/porch steps with solar lights and some minor cutting/modifications

herb garden from reclaimed wood

Herb Garden From Reclaimed Wood

A quick woodworking project to help out a gardener with something small for their back porch, using...

oil lamp from thrift store perfume bottle

Oil Lamp From Thrift Store / Perfume Bottle

In the Midwest we have storms, and lose power all the time. You can't have enough candles. Here's...

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