updating some window trim

Updating Some Window Trim

A view of my partially completed window project for how-to purposes. I wanted a wider trim for an updated look, and a place to add more color.Note that the costs reflect a whole can of spray primer, a whole gallon of drywall material etc, not just the partial amounts this project took.

countertop improvement for giani paint

Countertop Improvement for Giani Paint

Adding an extra touch to my dated masterbath countertop. In my instructions below I'll also show you where I came up short and what I will do differently on the next one

valve upgrade for kitchen or bathroom sink

Valve Upgrade for Kitchen or Bathroom Sink

A better shut-off valve for your kitchen or bath.

rustic wood wall lamp

Rustic Wood Wall Lamp

A lamp idea for my bedroom using reclaimed fence wood and some industrial pipe fittings

a permanent flower bed for my backyard

A Permanent Flower 'bed' for My Backyard

A quick concrete technique that's easy to do for lightweight stuff

micro mini greenhouse planter

Micro-mini Greenhouse Planter

A micro-greenhouse I made for a gardening buddy out of picture frames and a craft box

flat tire repair on a riding mower

Flat Tire Repair on a Riding Mower

Not my typical home improvement, but I hope it can save someone some time around the house, and not use any flammable chemicals like ether to re-seat the tire bead.

industrial look barn door

Industrial Look Barn Door

A friend asked me to make an industrial looking closet door for an upscale condo she was renovating. Here's how I did it using all new materials.NOTE - I am not discussing the rolling hardware or the door install here, just the door construction. FYI the hardware instructions were incomplete.

upgrading a nightstand

UP-grading a Nightstand

A local remodeler needed two different nightstands to be the same height

a quick shelf for my kitchen window

A Quick Shelf for My Kitchen Window

A quick shelf for my kitchen window that didn't damage my cabinets in the process

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Jim Cox
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