How do I build a twin over queen bunk?

Have reviewed lots of Pinterest pics of twin over queen bunks (long side against a wall) Any tips on reducing wood costs yet keeping beds sturdy/safe?What should I... See more

Scotchguard or something else, to protect cloth ottoman?

have a new beige (cloth) ottoman that I want to protect from dirt as much as possibleWhat do/would you use?

How to debug plants before bringing them inside ?

It's nearly time to bring houseplants back inside. What DYI steps do you take so that they stay healthy ? Ensure they are bug free?

What do you use on furniture legs to protect hardwood floots?

Help ! I have new hardwood floors and i fear that my kichen chairs which have small plastic (?) things on their legs will mark the floor. I gently sanded then wiped... See more

Spray ti keep catepillars and beetles off very young fruit trees??

I have two 4 ft cherry trees which were planted this spring. Bugs are feasting on the few leaves and I want to give the trees a fighting chance. We are going to... See more

How to refresh the support on this lounge??

Description: This redwood lounge chair has metal straps which are hole punched on each end.Each End has a heavy duty spring hooked through the hole.The Spring is... See more
q how to refresh the support on this lounge

How to hide H2O heater & utility sink??

We are converting a single garage space into a game room and would like to hide the water heater(in a corner) and utility sink (right next to it on a wall )while... See more

Help! Have a kitchen sink faucet that will not stay secure.

The water lever and the water spigot are not staying tight to the porcelain farm sink. Driving me Crazy! Appreciate suggestions !
q help have a kitchen sink faucet that will not stay secure

What to use to Seal a repainted table so no white water marks appear

Repainting and antique-ing a kitchen table white with truffle browns.My ultimate goal is to seal the table such that we don't need coasters or placemats ..What would... See more

Need suggestions on how to stop resin from oozing out of a deck board

We notice that ONE board on our 10 yr old deck oozes resin/sap. The deck board has been sanded, scraped, stained and most recently sealed 2 years go.