How can I change the look of a painted white concrete porch?

Wondering if there is some type of “stoneish/mortar“ option that I can put on top of my concrete porch which is currently painted white? I want to avoid doing the... See more

What to do about this countertop wall?

Just got new counter tops, removed bar so it would open up space by removing stools. Painted and covered this one area with beadboard. Not the look I had hoped... See more
q what to do about this countertop wall

How can I update a glass dining room table? (Scratched, wicker chairs)

The furniture is original to a beach condo. Still in good shape but top is scratched and glass definitely requires upkeep. Thanks
q how can i update a glass dining room table scratched wicker chairs

What are other options to cover a full wall mirror besides removal?

I am moving into a condo with a full wall mirror- ceiling to floor, entire wall. I will not be able to afford to remove it right away. Any ideas besides painting or... See more