stainless steel bowl hanging planter diy

Stainless Steel Bowl Hanging Planter DIY

If you love how the pothos looks in this stainless steel bowl hanging planter, make sure to check out my post on about how I built some drainage into the bottom of this planter to keep my pothos happy and healthy.To make this planter, first grab a stainless steel bowl. It can be new or old and would be a perfect upcycle if you already have a bowl. I didn't have any, but I picked one up from Ikea in their largest size. Ikea is always affordable, so this was a great solution for me.

using engineering prints as beautiful wall decor

Using Engineering Prints as Beautiful Wall Decor

Hey everyone! Today I'm sharing a project I did a while ago, but one that remains one of my favorite budget wall art ideas! Printing some of our wedding photos as engineering prints :) (If you aren't familiar with engineering prints, they are black and white, printed on regular paper, and are designed to showcase your line drawings and graphics. These over-sized prints promote high-quality black and white line drawings in a variety of sizes. Engineering prints are ideal for architects and builders.)The first thing I did was to print some of my favorite wedding photos using the engineering print method. I had mine printed at a local staples.

outdoor table runner diy

Outdoor Table Runner DIY

Who else loves sometimes indulging and making something you don't really need, but that will look nice? That's how I felt about this table runner. :) Sure, I didn't really need an outdoor table runner, but I thought it would be nice to have! Also, I was on maternity leave and looking to fill my time while my daughter napped. So I packed her up, and we headed out to the fabric store one morning.I came home with a cut of fabric that I have actually been eyeing for a while but haven't had a purpose for. It's one of the Nate Berkus for Jo-Ann prints, and all of his prints are so lovely. Very modern if you like that style. This fabric is also thick and sturdy, so I thought it'd be nice for an outdoor table. It almost has a burlap feel to it.

major updates to our build grade beige master bathroom

How We Updated Our Builder-Grade Beige Master Bathroom

Today I am sharing how we updated our builder-grade beige master bathroom into a modern oasis! I'm going to walk you through the steps we took to get the most bang for our buck, including what we replaced and what we kept. (Note: We did a lot of this ourselves, but we did work with a licensed contractor in the family to ensure everything was done up to par.)Here's what it looked like before:

wood bathtub tray diy

Wood Bathtub Tray DIY

This was a quick little project I whipped out in an hour or so, but I have already gotten a ton of use out of it. I love baths, and when we put a standalone soaker tub in our bathroom, I definitely wanted to add some items to make it a more relaxing area.So I made a bathtub tray! Sure, you can buy one, but if you have scrap wood laying around, chances are you can make one for free with just a little bit of effort. I had this piece of wood sitting in the garage, and it was actually already stained. (I had stained it for a previous shelving project but decided to go another direction with it, so this piece didn't get used.)Here it is:

modern powder room makeover

Modern Powder Room Makeover

It's all about bathrooms this week, and I have just the project to share. I completed a makeover of our tiny powder room, and it is one of my favorite spots in the whole house (weird? maybe). It's so small that it was really difficult to get good photos of, but I think these give you an idea of what we were working with. Small, flat beige paint on the walls, a strangely placed towel rack no where near the sink, oval mirror, cheap lighting.

upcycling from wine bottle to modern bud vase

Upcycling: From Wine Bottle to Modern Bud Vase

Hi all, today I'm sharing an upcycle that I think turned out pretty great. I had actually never done a DIY with a wine bottle (I know, that's kind of weird, haven't most people?), so I figured I should get that project under my belt. The first step is to clean and dry your wine bottle. If you've never removed a label from a sticky label before—any kind of sticky label, not just one from a wine bottle— this quick tip will help make your live a lot easier. Once you have a clean bottle, dry it off thoroughly.

open shelving using stair treads

Open Shelving Using Stair Treads

We don't have a laundry room so much as we have a laundry closet, but that's okay. Redoing the shelving layout gave us all the extra storage we needed. When we moved into the house, the laundry closet had one long wire shelf. We decided to pull that out and put in shelving that looked nicer and was more practical for our needs.

tiny tea tins upcycled to succulent planters

Tiny Tea Tins Upcycled to Succulent Planters

This project was so easy and cheap, but I really love how it turned out! Makes me want to drink more tea than I already drink to make more.I ordered an assorted pack of loose leaf green teas online last year, and they all came in these cute little tins. Not being one to throw away something I could make into a planter...I made it into a planter :)Here's what the tea tin looked like at first. You can see the size comparison to my fingers. It's pretty small, so I figured it'd be a great home for propagated succulent pieces I am working on. They are big enough to need a planter, but not mature enough for a big pot.

old candle holder upcycled to a planter

Old Candle Holder Upcycled to a Planter

Does anyone else buy candles that come in lovely candle holders...and then you don't want to throw the candle holder away when the candle is done? That's me. This candle holder was particularly pretty, too. I knew I had to reuse it for something, so I settled on upcycling it to a planter.Here's how it looked during its life as a candle holder:

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