linen closet build

Linen Closet Build

We remodeled the bedroom/bath 4 rooms ensuite last in the whole house remodel. I needed additional closet/storage place so I opted to take 17 in of space and put in a multi shelf closet on one end of the master bedroom.

bathroom shower bedroom remodel

Bathroom, Shower & Bedroom Remodel

I decided after the many comments on my individual projects, to go ahead and put together just a before and after photo results of the 4 room remodel we did to show what it all looks like altogether! If you are interested in the steps I took for each of the rooms, I've broken it out in 4 separate projects; the bedroom, the sink room, the shower build, the walk in closet, and the toilet area (if you look at the projects I have listed it shows all the steps for each room.) Thanks for all the positive comments. This was a 5 month project overall, we put it off till last in the total house reno project. The kitchen remodel (with penny backsplash) and antiqued cabinets are in a separate project.

master bath remodel

Master Bath Remodel

We finally started on the master bedroom ensuite which was 4 rooms, a 15x16 BR, walk in closet, dressing room/sink room and toilet/shower room. A very challenging project since the the toilet shower room had to be taken down to the studs and build up. The shower build is on another posting, click on my name/photo to see the other postings! Too many pictures so I broke it down by room.

shower build

Shower Build

We bought a home in July 2016 and every room required remodel. We worked out of the master suite while we remodeled the rest of the home, and in February finally started on the 4 room master suite (15x16 master bedroom, dressing/sink room, walk in closet and shower/toilet room. This is half of the shower toilet room, since building a shower was very intense! Lots of youtube viewing made me decide to use the Schluter system to build the shower. It seemed pretty dummy proof!

bathroom vanity sink room remodel

Bathroom Vanity Sink Room Remodel

We bought this home 2 years ago and had our BR in the formal dining room while tackling one room at a time. The real MBR was our work room the entire time, had the miter, scroll saw, hand tools, saw horses, and all the trim pieces in there. We finally started on this 4 room (MBR, dressing/sink area, walk-in closet and shower/toilet area in Jan. 4 separate posts due to the huge undertaking. Click on my name to see the other postings as I upload these!

master suite walk in closet remodel

Master Suite Walk In Closet Remodel

We finally started on the remodel of the master suite, which has been so daunting since it included 3 rooms and a walk in closet. This is just the closet portion. Head on over to my profile page if you'd like to see the other parts of this project.

master suite remodel

Master Suite Remodel

So in January we finally attacked the 4 rooms that make the master ensuite in our remodel project, which we've been at for 2 years last month. My vision was to put a full size murphy ironing board on the wall next to the windows, great for ironing! Add a linen closet (16" wide only) down the majority of the length of one wall in the 16 x 15 bedroom. Off the master was a dressing room/sink area with a walk in closet off of it to the right. Straight through is the room where the shower (used to be a ceramic coated cast iron tub) and toilet. When we bought the home, there was a hole in the floor next to the tub. I will post each of the remodel projects/rooms separately, way too many photos! So the first thing I did last year was to take a sledge hammer to the wall and open up where the ironing board would go. That was in March 2017. We didn't really start on the MBR until Jan 2018. Still one more item needed...the last thing to do is put the doors on the linen closet. I'm putting up two 15 pane glass french doors, after I do faux stained glass on them, hopefully by Thanksgiving (one more project to post later!). I plan on painting it with cherry blossoms.Click on my name to see the other rooms as they were worked on. Hopefully I'll get them up this weekend!

window privacy with no curtains

Window Privacy With No Curtains

Everyone liked the faux stained glass window in my bathroom remodel project the best so I thought I'd post some more windows design. I took this art up about 8 yrs ago. The website for supplies is

bathroom face lift

New Bathroom Countertop

So we had been in the home for a few years and as ex military, I was itching to move or do something to the house LOL! So I decided to start small and based on that do the master bath. We had a tiny 'under the stairs bath' that I thought would be a good place to start.

bathroom remodel

Bathroom Remodel

So we bought a fixer upper...understatement. Closed on Thursday and spent Friday - Sunday blowing in 76 packages of greenfiber cellulose insulation 13 inches deep in the attic (no insulation, the owner had $600 electric bills in the summer). Monday the AC team arrived to replace the heatpump and all ductwork (awful, original from 1979 and full of pet hair from years of pets, 2 dogs, 4 cats occupied the house when we bought). In the process, AC guy says "your toilet is about to fall through the floor, only tile holding it up". I'm thinking he's talking about the master bath, which has a hole in the floor not so much. It was the bathroom we planned to use while remodeling. So, move i delayed while the first of many remodeling projects started after work and weekends! We had never remodeled a home, we could fix little things, change out light fixtures, I could lay tile and had in our last house in a small bath. We learned most of what we needed via YouTube.

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