diy heart shaped gallery wall

DIY Heart Shaped Gallery Wall

I wanted to make a big impact in my apartment but couldn't decide on just one piece of art or photo...

spooky eyeball halloween picture frames

Spooky Eyeball Halloween Picture Frames

I was looking for a simple, inexpensive Halloween craft. Since I have a lot of pictures of our pets...

how to stuff saggy sofa cushions

How to Stuff Saggy Sofa Cushions

Our sofa was looking really saggy and you could feel the springs through the seat cushion. I was in...

how to add a tile frame to a bathroom mirror

How to Add a Tile Frame to a Bathroom Mirror

Many bathrooms come with generic mirrors screwed into the wall. Since mirrors can be very expensive,...

how to hang a wall of peel and stick glass subway tile

How to Hang a Wall of Peel and Stick Glass Subway Tile

A wall of tile can make a huge statement, but dealing with grout can be intimidating. While we love...

easiest way to diy install wainscoting

Easiest Way to DIY Install Wainscoting

The easiest way to install DIY wainscoting is to gather your molding and paint up front after...

how to create an organized craft supply closet

How to Create an Organized Craft Supply Closet

One big project that I wanted to get accomplished in the month of June was to get my craft supplies...

how to build and install floating shelves


There are a number of ways to build floating shelves, so this is just one of the options you can...

pet bunk beds

Pet Bunk Beds

I am a total weirdo and decided that I wanted to build bunk beds for my cat + dog. Our cat loves...

simple diy way to hide your trash cans


Our trash and recycling cans have always been along the side of our house since before we moved in....

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