protect indoor pillows for outdoor use this fall

Protect Indoor Pillows for Outdoor Use This Fall!

As you know Amazon and Home Goods is FILLED with a ton of inexpensive pillow options, but when you get to the outdoor pillows the selection is extremely limited. I went on the hunt to see if there is a way to protect indoor pillows, so they can be used outside. Guess what? I found an easy spray-on product to use!

how to d coupage fall leaves on a pumpkin

How-to Découpage Fall Leaves on a Pumpkin

Looking for a fun no carve and kid friendly way to decorate pumpkins? Using Mod Podge to découpage paper cutouts or fall leaves is a great option!

the solution to stop chalk paint bleed through

The Solution to Stop Chalk Paint Bleed Through

Are you freaking out seeing brown streaks come through your chalk paint? I'm here to help you stop and fix annoying chalk paint bleed through because it just happened to me too!

make over books an old school way

Make Over Books An Old School Way

Looking for an inexpensive way to update your shelves or bookcase? I've found an easy way to makeover your books for a beautiful new look! Here is a temporary no tape solution that covers your books, in just a few minutes!This project was inspired by a memory of going back to school and my mom and I wrapping my school books in brown grocery bags

how to install marble contact paper counters

How-To Install Marble Contact Paper Counters

Looking to replace your old counter tops, but can't afford to? Temporary marble contact paper may be a great solution in a rental or your own home.

paint stained cabinets without sanding

Paint Stained Cabinets Without Sanding!

Yes, you can paint right over stained cabinets without sanding and get a beautiful finish. Why should you trust my advice? I worked for Valspar Paint for over 5 years and learned how to apply all sorts of coatings from professionals!

knock off pottery barn driftwood gray paint finish

Knock Off Pottery Barn Driftwood Gray Paint Finish

Can't afford Pottery Barn furniture in that gorgeous gray wash or driftwood finish, but love the look? I've found an easy way to transform any piece of furniture to give it that coastal beachy vibe for next to nothing!

where to start when choosing a paint color

Where to Start When Choosing a Paint Color

Is choosing the right paint color keeping you from making any decision at all? Yes, choosing the right paint color can be stressful and paralyzing, but I'm here to help!In non-technical terms, using a project from my own home I'll guide you through simple strategies to make the process easier. CLICK HERE FOR MY WEBITE AND MORE HELPFUL INFORMATION!

easy way to hang a heavy mirror or piece of art

Hang Art or Mirrors With Two Key Holes on the Back

Follow my simple process to avoid messing up your walls, hanging it crooked, or off-center! Hang a mirror or piece of art that is heavy using painter's tape as your guide.In most instances, since the item is heavy, you will have to hang it with anchors and screws which is what I am demonstrating here. The same method can be used for heavy weight picture hanging hooks as well!

how to wrap a porch swing chain with rope

Wrap Rope Around a Swing Chain for a Custom Look

Are you looking at how-to makeover a typical porch swing into something special? Wrapping the swing chain with rope is not only easy, but gives your swing a custom coastal vibe.Apparently, I must really not like swings the way the home improvement stores make them. Wrapping the chain with rope is just ONE of the things I did to makeover my porch swing. Hey, my name is Porch Daydreamer after all :) I take this porch swinging thing pretty seriously! PLEASE visit my website for more thorough instructions. Here are the basics...

Porch Daydreamer
Porch Daydreamer
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