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felt christmas tree for small children

Felt Christmas Tree for Small Children

I love decorating for the holidays, but with small children, it can be difficult. My kids, like most, are very curious and love to touch everything they see. It is especially tempting when you put out a bunch of shiny new things, and then have to constantly tell them “no touch”.Here is a fun idea specifically for the kids; one you can encourage them to play with throughout the Christmas season!

galvanized metal pails turned christmas tree

Galvanized Metal Pails Turned Christmas Tree

Tis the season to start thinking about Christmas decor and my mind has been racing with ideas. On a trip to my Dollar Store I spotted three different size pails and I started to pile them on top of each other in the middle of the aisle. Yes I got a few funny glances, but I was too excited to care.I struggled for a brief moment with what I was going to use for the base then it hit me. A lamp base of course. I knew this was going to make a great tree!

painting rocking chairs for a front porch update

Painting Rocking Chairs for a Front Porch Update

Over time we accumulate furniture and who knows how well it will match up. My front porch had become this less than welcoming place so, it was time to update some of the furniture to give it a cohesive look! You can see the specific tools I used on the blog! ~> http://thatsweettealife.com/painted-rocking-chair/

custom coat rack

Custom Coat Rack

I wanted to build my own coat rack using a quilt rack, adding boards, finishing and installing hardware. If you don’t have or can’t find a quilt rack you could just use a 52 inch board.

pizza pan reindeer

Pizza Pan Reindeer

In my crafty world, The Dollar Tree and crafts just go together. I get so much inspiration walking through there and seeing what I can use to craft with. And its not expensive! You can create cute Christmas decor from items found at The Dollar Tree, like my reindeer.

feather santa s belt wreath

Feather Santa's Belt Wreath

Feather wreaths are a favorite of mine so when I saw this black feather wreath base at a thrift store for $1.99, I grabbed it so fast! It was a blank slate waiting for creativity. I immediately thought Santa's belt because of the black and knew I had other craft materials to make it look like Santa's belt.

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How do I clean the front of a stainless steel dishwasher?

I sent this question earlier but it said dish. I put a magnetic cover on front of my dishwasher and I can’t remove the stains

q how to clean front of stainless steel dishwasher

How can I uplift the entire mood of my dark interior?

How can I open up and cover up the old dark( not really lovely real wood paneling) in my 1901 Victorian? And I hate the acoustic dropped ceilings too. Whoever “upgraded/remodeled “ this house before I bought it took all the beautiful wood molding away. Put the heating unit where there once was a fireplace and made a closet out of the upstairs fireplace. There is a fiberglass insert in the bathroom. Hate it! Can it be painted?I have a limited budget,and this old grey mare ain’t what she used to be! I’m also single so have no brawn to help.This house has great bones,and any suggestions will be appreciated.

q what can i do to uplift the entire mood of my dark interior

How do I find this type of basket?

Large basket on a 6-10 inch pedestal with a large handle to showcase very large mums for competition.

q how do i find this type of basket

What kills grass and weeds permanently?

What kills grass and weeds permanently? I have grass and weeds that just keep coming back between the pavers and it is a big job to constantly pull them out. There has to be a better way! Can someone tell me how to kill grass and weeds? What has worked well for you?

q what kills grass and weeds permanently

How can I fix cat-scratched wicker?

Got this chair for free. I know it can look great again, but how do I fix the scratched area. Not sure how to shave off the lifted area. Need to smooth it out. Any ideas???

q how to fix cat scratched wicker

Answer DIY questions

These hometalkers need your help!see all

How can I repurpose flooring material from Home Depot?

We bought imitation wood floor panels that are supposed to click together easily . Well it didn’t and we paid an expensive tuition payment in the school of life. Now looking for creative ways to repurpose it. Thanks, Mary

q how to repurpose flooring material from home depot

How to start a vegetable garden for beginner?

Seeking advice how to start a vegetable garden for beginner? We recently moved into a new rancher and it's the first time I have a back yard. I'm so excited to get planting, but I need a little help and coaching from people with real experience. Can you please advise me how to start a vegetable garden?

q how to start a vegetable garden for beginner

How do I hand paint or overlay an artistic design on a metal toaster?

A friend has asked me to paint or overlay an artistic design on a white metal toaster for her holiday gift. I’m not sure what paint or overlay substance would work on a toaster so that the design doesn’t melt or catch on fire. Suggestions, please. Pic is for example only & not the design to be used.

q how do i hand paint or overlay an artistic design on a metal toaster

How do I redo a standing jewelry box?

I got a 3drawer standing jewelry box/dresser I want to redo for my daughter . I started sanding it but any ideas or help is appreciated and much needed

q how to redo standing jewelry box

Watch video tutorials

The Best And Easiest Way To Use Dixie Belle Gator Hide On Dark Paint

This guide will show you how to get a streak free and flawless finish with Dixie Belle's Gator Hide. No more streaks! Get a beautiful finish the easy way!

Poolside Flagstone Patio

This poolside flagstone gas insert with manual key valve (180K BTU burner). Running of natural gas line to fire pit, was completed by a certified gas technician. All disturbed lawn areas were graded and seeded after construction. Front and back yard landscaping was renovated with transplanting of some existing and installation of all new plantings. All landscaped bed areas were Edge and mulched except for pool area which was river stone.

Give Old Christmas Stockings New Life With Faux Fur

Every year I end up buying something new to decorate for Christmas. New things come out & I get pulled in just like everyone else.This year the 1 thing I really wanted to change was our Christmas Stockings. Should I buy new or keep using what we have? I decided to keep it sustainable & give our old stockings new life with faux fur.This project was free since I already had everything on hand. But even with buying a yard of faux fur at regular price, it would have come in at about $15 with fur leftover for something else. I did 3 stockings & didn't even use half the remnant so that works out to about $2.50 per stocking!!Excellent since this style retails for upwards of $30 each!

Easy Wooden DIY Ornament Display Tree

Have you gotten in the Christmas spirit yet? We have an awesome tutorial for you today: ornament display trees!! This is such a fast and easy project. Before you know it, you'll be displaying your build and wowing the crowds.