the fork bug upcycling old cutlery

The Fork Bug, Upcycling Old Cutlery

It was raining, I was bored, I had bought a job lot of old cutlery and I had some magnets! Plus I am always mislaying my keys. So what else was I meant to do!!!!!!!!!!

a poured epoxy resin coffee table

A Poured Epoxy Resin Coffee Table

Continuing my adventures with Epoxy Resin, I decided it was time to make something a bit bigger.Most of the materials used in this project I already had knocking around so I will estimate costs

cast epoxy resin bowls

Cast Epoxy Resin Bowls

I decided that I wanted to try some experimentation with casting epoxy resin, I hadnt used it much before but found a local place in Auckland that was selling it at a really reasonable price, Initially I bought 3 litres (2L epoxy, 1L hardener) The guy at the shop was really helpful and gave me loads of advice - They make wood and resin tables which retail for as much as $60,000 (yes 60K!!!)My first piece I have made for an art exhibition at the NZ Navy Marae commemorating the 100 years anniversary of the end of WW1, The second was a fun piece.

pencil pot made from pencils of course

Pencil Pot Made From Pencils (of Course)

This was purely an experimental thing to make as I had just got hold of some epoxy resin and wanter to make something, I also was suffering from a bad head cold and needed something to do not in the garden

wooden loo roll holder

Wooden Loo Roll Holder

We have had these chromed plasticky loo roll holders since we moved in, and they are always coming loose and flopping about, they also look and feel cheap, I quite like the overall design so I'm sure I can make something nicer

easy ish garden seat bench tree protector

Easy(ish) Garden Seat / Bench / Tree Protector

You can never have too much garden seating, and my wife had planted some fruit trees (Grapefruit, plum and Banana), which were often run into by our clumsy dogs. So as I had a couple of hours to spare and a fair bit of timber left over from other projects* -- here we go* I am terrible at estimating how much wood I need for doing things and always order too much

coloured pencil napkin ring

Coloured Pencil Napkin Ring

I was at a loose end, it was raining so I decided that I needed to find a project that I could do inside.I went to the dollar shop and bought a couple of packs of coloured pencils and some superglue

rough and ready veg storage

Rough and Ready Veg Storage

I needed somewhere to store veg in my pantry, it needs to be airy, but most of all cheap!Bring on the pallets!!!

spinny winny recycley thingy scrap metal art

Spinny Winny Recycley Thingy Scrap Metal Art

I absolutely hate people chucking perfectly good stuff away, I am a junk magnet (much to my wifes chagrin) but what must be done, must be done.I am going to try to do this using tools most people will have, so no welding, lathes etc ( I have access to most of these things but not everyone does)

v8 engine block coffee table

V8 Engine Block Coffee Table

While "Dumpster Diving" I found a V8 block, now surely that can be used for something!!!!So home with me it came (to be hidden from the wife)For info it's a Rover 3.5 V8 alloy block and I am going to turn it into a table

Stephen Taylor
Stephen Taylor
About meI am the ancient mariner! Have been a sailor since I was 16 and served in the British Merchant Navy, Royal Navy and Royal New Zealand Navy, now looking forward to retirement so I can build things and generally make mischief with assorted power tools. Have a long suffering wife ready at hand with a plethora of bandages and plasters.