how to make a mini wood a frame ladder alternative christmas tree

Mini Wood A-Frame Ladder Alternative Christmas Tree

What's better than a full size A-frame ladder tree? Well, one shrunk down to miniature size! Instead of nails and screws, this one is assembled with nothing but hot glue! Surebonder makes hot glue guns and speciality hot glue sticks including one that works with wood.Take a look at how we created and assembled this fun little holiday decor piece that can be used throughout the year to display mini collectibles!

how to make a concrete hand stand for your phone

How to Make a Simple 'Hand Stand' for Your Phone

With a few readily available materials, we are going to show you how to give your phone a 'hand!' Ha, couldn't resist the pun! We are making a 'hand' stand for your phone. With this stand, your phone is always, 'handy!' (Promise, that's the last one!)Take a look at the video or read on for the tutorial. But, really, check out the video for a quick overview of the project.

how to make a simple ornament display frame

How to Make a Simple Ornament Display Frame

I made this a few years ago after running out of tree space to display my Christmas ornaments! It's made with upcycled materials and can be made pretty much in about five minutes. (That's not counting any painting or staining you might want to do with the frame.)

a frame ladder alternative christmas tree

A-Frame Ladder Alternative Christmas Tree

Around this time of year, it's become a tradition to come up with an alternative Christmas tree idea. This year is no exception!The inspiration for this year's tree is from a visit to Epcot at Walt Disney World. Steph took the boat ride in the Land Pavilion and saw their version of a ladder tree, which became the model for ours. Take a look at how it came together!

quick kitchen cabinet storage with wall control

Quick Kitchen Cabinet Storage With Wall Control

Two of our three Workshop Wednesday segments were in Steph's kitchen. First we shared a look back at our Aspect Peel and Stick backsplash projects. You can see that here on Hometalk. We installed this two weeks ago and have been very pleased with how it has held up.

simple floating shelf for small collections

Floating Shelf for Small Collections

On this edition of Workshop Wednesday, we revisited a project we did three years ago. It's still holding strong and is home to a collection of small Lego sets.We realized we never shared the tutorial here in Hometalk. The project lends itself to even novice DIYers. You can see a preview of the shelves at the 2:15 timecode mark. Take a look and then read on to see the tutorial

fall decor with paint pouring

Fall Decor With Paint Pouring

Any search of the terms "paint pouring," "acrylic pouring," or "marbling," will bring up lots of projects and techniques. Paint pouring is a lot of fun and produces amazing and sometimes unexpected results. It's a great project for beginner and advanced DIYers.In this video and post, I'm making a trio of "pumpkins" for a little fall decor.

how to make a birdhouse slipcover for a outdoor security camera

How to Make a Birdhouse Slipcover for a Outdoor Security Camera

We recently installed a couple of Ring Outdoor Security Cameras at Steph's house as part of our participation in The Home Depot's smart home campaign.These cameras are battery operated, meaning we could install them away from a power source. This gave us a lot more flexibility in their placement.We decided to put them where they could "see" Steph's house rather than "see" out away from it.Take a look at what we did, and how we gave them a bit of camouflage in the form of a birdhouse "slipcover."

quick cover for an unused bathtub

Quick Cover for an Unused Bathtub

Steph has a tub that she only uses for storage, never bathing! It's a great place for storing bathroom essentials, but it's an eyesore.She came up with an idea to hide the storage without damaging the tub or limiting it's intended use.Head to 3:33 in the above video to see the Fast DIY project.

how to make a creepy concrete pumpkin

How to Make a 'Creepy' Concrete Pumpkin!

If you were one of the 15 million that viewed our video on how to make a concrete pumpkin two years ago, you probably have your own pumpkin that is in need of a little attention.We have several concrete pumpkins which we have left in the Florida elements for two years. They were in need of cleaning and new paint.Instead of just painting them, we decided to give our 'happy' pumpkins a little 'creepy' makeover with a little more concrete and paint. You'll find the tutorial in our Workshop Wednesday show above.You can watch the entire thing, but you can also fast forward to 3:35 to watch just the tutorial.

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