diy halloween concrete candy bowl

DIY Halloween Concrete Candy Bowl

Here's a simple Halloween project that can serve as a fun decor focal point and as a way to serve up candy. It's heavy enough so it can't be easily picked up or accidentally moved out of place. We made ours with Quikrete countertop mix, hot glue, a package of plastic fangs and a couple of dollar store bowls. The EL wire lights are an optional feature. The video will take you step by step through the process or read on for the tutorial.

rustic hanging industrial chain shelf

Rustic Hanging Industrial Chain Shelf

Every once in a while it's fun to take on an uncomplicated project. When we were gifted a piece of 30 year old redwood board, we realized it would make the perfect industrial shelf for Steph's bedroom. Take a look at the video to see how it came together or read on for a tutorial. If you need further information, please click the link to our website post. There you will find links to the materials and tools used.

custom storage for outdoor tools

Custom Storage for Outdoor Tools

Many tool companies are now offering outdoor tools systems that have multiple attachments. These systems offer a lot of value as the individual attachments are usually less than buying an entire tool. We recently tried out the Ryobi Expand-It system. We liked them, but storage was a problem. Steph came up with a storage rack that keeps the handle and attachments off the floor and also offers a way to connect the pieces right on the rack. The attachments have a push button that locks the pieces to the handle. Steph used this button to keep the parts attached to the holder.

diy fridge pocket

DIY Fridge Pocket

As part of our new weekly show, Workshop Wednesday, we will occasionally feature a fast DIY project. This week we upcycled a baking pan into a fridge pocket to be used to store coupons, recipes, mail, and more. The video is the entire Workshop Wednesday, but you can fast forward to time code 2:40 if you only want to see the DIY tutorial.

room reveal garage makeover

Room Reveal: Garage Makeover

If you're wanting to make changes to your garage, you are sure to find some ideas you can use in this post. Here at Mother Daughter Projects, we just finished a literal floor to ceiling makeover of my (Vicki's) garage. The best advice, if you are wanting to change your garage, is to first make a plan! Hometalk, Pinterest and blogs are great resources in coming up with a plan that's just right for your space and needs.

how to build storage for scrap wood of all sizes

How to Build Storage for Scrap Wood of All Sizes

Anyone who works with wood always has scraps leftover. Leftover wood is an ongoing byproduct of woodworking, and we have our fair share of scraps and offcuts. Prior to this build, we did not have an efficient way to store these wood pieces so we ended up not using them--because we didn't know what we had!We built two units to store larger pieces as well as smaller ones. Now we can see instantly what we have available to use.

how to add a seal and insulation to your garage door

How to Add a Seal and Insulation to Your Garage Door

An often neglected area of the garage is the condition of the bottom seal on a garage door. We hadn't really noticed, until we started the garage makeover project, that the seal was in really poor condition.Replacing the seal on the garage door is a DIY that can be accomplished by most homeowners. Maintaining the seal is important to keep out bugs, snakes, water, and to help keep hot air out. While we were working on the seal, we decided it would be a good time to add some simple insulation to the door to help with temperature control.

garage organization with metal pegboard

Garage Organization With Metal Pegboard

Organizing my (Vicki) garage with Wall Control metal pegboard was one of the best features of the entire garage makeover. It's great to be able to see all the tools and, even better, having a home for everything so it's easy to put things back where they belong.Wall Control is a manufacturer of metal pegboard and accessories in the United States. They are located right up the road from us in Georgia near Atlanta. We love that they are family owned and operated!

5 in 1 garage storage unit

5-in-1 Garage Storage Unit

This project, part of our garage makeover series, was designed out of necessity. When we were in the planning stages of our garage makeover, I (Vicki) said I wanted a way to store the grandchildren's toy car. I needed it out of the way, but accessible. Toy cars are notoriously difficult to store efficiently! The car storage started out as a simple box with a little open storage on top. I had envisioned it sitting next to our large shelving unit right beside the door. Well, as things do, the project evolved into something totally different and way more functional!

how to replace a broken toilet flush lever

How to Replace a Broken Toilet Flush Lever

Here's a home maintenance project to save just in case you need it! Anything in your home with moving parts will more than likely fail at some point. That is what happened to the toilet flush lever at Steph's house. Toilets can flush without the lever--you simply take off the top, put your hand down into the tank and pull up the lever. Well, she got tired of doing that and looked into how to replace it. And she found it's a simple fix!

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