cheap and sleek to rough and rustic

Cheap and Sleek to Rough and Rustic

My daughter in law asked me to make over a couple of night stands for her for her birthday, so I said "sure!" Then she asked "can you make these look rustic?"

masterbath makeover

Masterbath Makeover

It started and ended with a shower curtain. I bought a shower curtain and bath mat set in Walmart thinking it looked a dark teal in the store but when I got it home it was clearly navy. My bedroom is coastal style and done in blues ranging from dark teal to aqua. I liked the navy blue but the change started the wheels turning. I thought I'd do a simple bathroom make over by painting the vanity and mirror white to match the bedroom furniture. Well one thing led to another and I ended up touching everything in the bathroom except the shower.

old world to time worn candlestick makeover

Old World to Time Worn Candlestick Makeover

These candlesticks have been in my closet for probably 15 years. They are a little heavy and garish looking for my liking, but a good size. I figured I’d do something with them eventually. My daughter in law had a need for some decorative items to fill an empty space, so, it was time to break them out of the closet and give them a new lease on life. I had everything on hand so the total cost of this little makeover was 0!

the i m over it dresser

Updated Dresser, Distressed DIYer

Anyone who DIY's has probably had a project that just does not come together as hoped. A project that seems to fight you on every level and at every turn. This was that project. I purchased this dresser on craigslist for $30. It is solid and really, really, really heavy! Like, T-rex heavy! There was damage to the veneer around the whole bottom and deep gouges and scratches on the top, so I decided I would paint the dresser a nice glossy black and stain the drawer fronts. In my haste to get started, I forgot to take a picture of the dresser so the picture below is one I found on the web that is similar.

stick with these end tables

"Stick" With These End Tables!

I recently refinished a coffee table and wanted to change up the end tables so they looked a little more cohesive

perked up coffee table

Perked up Coffee Table

Found this coffee table on Letgo for $30.00. It is solid and in great shape except for some very minor chips in the veneer and random scuffing. I knew I wanted a two-toned coffee table and I thought I knew exactly what I was going to do, but plans changed part way through the project.

dresser makeover star wars style

Dresser Makeover-Star Wars Style

My daughter-in-law found a dresser on Craigslist for $20 and asked if I would pick it up for her. When asked what she planned to use the dresser for, she said she thought she'd paint it black to match the crib in the nursery. I not only picked up the dresser, I offered to re-do it for her, which she gladly accepted. The whole family is somewhat obsessed with Star Wars and the nursery is Star Wars themed. I didn't have a solid plan for the dresser when I started and it pretty much evolved as I went. I took a couple of months to complete working on it when I had the time. It could have probably been done in a weekend if it didn't have to be de-stinkified! I hope you like it :)

Barb Orthmann
Barb Orthmann