How do I get heavy dust off the top of this delicate wreath?

I made this eons ago. I'm afraid to use the hair dryer as it may dislodge some of the flowers. Worse dust is on top of the ribbon. Any thoughts?
q how do i get heavy dust off the top of this delicate wreath

My 14 year old round solid rubberwood kitchen table top needs help

After 14 years the luster is gone. Without taking it outside, how can I make it look good again. It originally had a rich wood-grain stain.

Re: clean dishwasher with vinegar

do you leave vinegar in glass on top shelf and just turn it on? regular or super hot setting?

What is best way to remove built-up hair spray from bathroom areas?

The area near the window adjacent to the countertop, commode lid and floor get coated with hair spray in between cleaning. Any suggestions for easy removal,... See more

Lucy's Mom
Lucy's Mom