how to remove ink from plastic containers so you can reuse them, cleaning tips, repurposing upcycling

How to Remove Ink From Plastic Containers so You Can Reuse Them

If you like to reuse plastic containers, you can remove the ink from the ones you have easily. I like to take all the ink off so I have plastic tubs/lids to use for gifts when I make extra batches of goodies in the kitchen! A little washi tape or ribbon and a white container can go a LONG way!!!

how to safely clean a porcelain tub and remove stubborn stains, bathroom ideas, cleaning tips, Porcelain tubs are great to have especially if you re lucky enough to have an old antique one that is still in great shape Taking care of them cleaning them and keeping them sparkling doesn t have to be difficult

How to Safely Clean a Porcelain Tub and Remove Stubborn Stains

I have an old antique claw-foot cast iron/porcelain tub that is in great shape but tends to get dingy from time to time. Most normal household cleaners are too abrasive so I wanted to share which products are best to use to clean them without doing any damage. Cleaning is on everyone's to-do list with spring on the way! I can't wait for winter to be over!

17 awesome ways to reuse coffee cans, repurposing upcycling

17 Awesome Ways to Reuse Coffee Cans

So, one day a couple of years ago I had this awakening. I threw a coffee can in the trash. Something about that bothered me. For one, it took up too much space in the trashbag. Two, I imagined a landfill full of coffee cans and wondered how many of those that IIIIIIII put there.

how to dry flowers for crafts potpourri or home decor, crafts

How to Dry Flowers for Crafts, Potpourri or Home Decor

I love flowers, when they’re nice and fresh…and pretty……..and alive. When they start slumping over, it makes me want to slump over too. It’s soooooooooo depressing when they start dying. Most of the time I just dump them straight in the trash to avoid a complete depression but sometimes I’ll just dry them out to make potpourri.

21 ways to reuse plastic grocery bags insulate window gaps and more, home maintenance repairs, repurposing upcycling, windows, Doing a paint job In between coats keep your brush wet and wrapped in a plastic bag to keep it from drying out

21 Ways to Reuse Plastic Grocery Bags (Insulate Window Gaps and More)

Instead of throwing away all your plastic grocery bags, there are tons of ways to reuse them! From insulating window gaps to crocheting reusable bags, which would be a fun to do with the kiddos! I share all the other tips on the blog.

make diy mason jar lamps fun way to upcycle jars of buttons and more, crafts, lighting, mason jars, repurposing upcycling, My jar of buttons after lamp kit and shade were added

Make DIY Mason Jar Lamps - Fun Way to Upcycle Jars of Buttons and More

I turned an old glass jar of buttons that belonged to my mom, into a lamp with a simple kit. Now it has more of a purpose and we love it! Plus, it's a nice way to display something that she loved and collected. Mason jars filled with small collectibles or "pretties" can easily be turned into lamps!!

diy distressed frame how to make a new picture frame look old, crafts, painting, repurposing upcycling, This frame used to be black With just a little white paint I made it look like an old frame with chippy paint

DIY Distressed Frame - How To Make A New Picture Frame Look Old

Don't spend money on old antique or boutique frames when you can make a cheap one from the Dollar Store, even, look like an old one! With just a little paint and a dry brush technique, you can have a vintage or antique look in no time! Decor

4th of july button art american flag craft and decor, crafts, patriotic decor ideas, seasonal holiday decor

4th of July Button Art American Flag Craft and Decor

Independence Day is one of my favorite holidays to celebrate and I LOVE making 4th of July Crafts for decorating with! I also love buttons and have a lot of fun coming up with ideas to use my many buttons, whether fancy buttons or just plain old shirt buttons. This Button Art American Flag is created with plain blue, white, and red shirt buttons and I think it turned out really fun!

diy despicable me minion tic tac toe board game, crafts

DIY Despicable Me Minion Tic Tac Toe Board Game

Who doesn’t love the Despicable Me movies?!? I think grown ups and kids alike will agree that minions are just about the most adorable little creatures around. This Despicable Me craft is not only fun to make but it will give endless hours of fun for the family during game nights, on rainy days, in the backyard, or even on road trips!

how to season cast iron skillets, homesteading

How to Season Cast Iron Skillets

I spent years watching my grandma and mom use cast iron skillets in the kitchen. Once I was grown and married, I realized just how incredible these things are. Most everything just cooks and tastes better coming from cast iron. There is some getting used to caring for your cast iron skillets, though.

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