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DIY Stained Glass Solution for Privacy on Doors and Windows

Our office is the first room you see when you our house. We have French doors and while they're pretty and let lots of light in, they tend showcase the millions of little fingerprints that tend to accumulate on them throughout the day. Admittedly, the office is also usually a crap mess, especially my desk. The obvious solution with be to straighten it out. It's on the to do list! The thing is though, it's just not a pretty room. It hasn't been decorated and has absolutely no personality at all. I bought a curtain over a year ago to try and mask it, but when I tested it, I didn’t care much for the look and I found it really didn’t let enough light in. I used one of those window cling films that you apply with water and a squeegee on our front door sidelights, but the thought of cutting all of those little rectangles out for every pane of glass in the French doors didn’t sound like much fun. I went through lots of trial and error, but this is what I ended up doing!

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Master Bedroom Mini Makeover & How I Added the Illusion of Light!

Welcome to our master bedroom! Up until recently, it was still builder beige and aside from getting a new comforter, there has been little to no effort made to cozify (that's a word right!?) our space. It's really been a pieced together, hodge podge of miscellaneous stuff taken from other areas of the house. Sure, I had thoughts of painting and decorating, but it just wasn't a priority. The room was simply a place to sleep. I really wanted a pretty space to relax in, so this year when we were doing our budget, we decided that our room would be one of the first spaces to tackle.

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Raised Relief Stenciled ANGEL WINGS Tutorial

I have been wanting to make angel wings FOREVER! I've seen them all over Pinterest in different sizes and made from lots of cool materials from wood and metal to plastic spoons and everything in between. I had a pretty large space in mind for them and decided doing a raised relief on canvas would be the best way to create my wings.
I purchased this massive 36x48 canvas from (don't forget to use a 50-% off coupon!) and created lots of texture on the base.

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A MUST Have Tip for Anyone Who Paints Furniture & Some Java Gel Stain!

I'm swallowing my pride here and letting you in on a very dirty little secret. Ok, it's not really THAT serious, but it's definitely an hot mess that I'm not proud of, especially being a painter. Hometalkers, meet my kitchen table...Yup, this sad surface is where we eat our meals. Between our little one practicing how to write her name on the table, some random oil stain that ate through the factory finish (and one of the littles so lovingly scraped off) and paint flecks from using the table as my work space, it was a hot dang mess! Add to that the horrifying state of the chairs (I'll save your eyes from having to see the before of those!) and all the junk that seemed to accumulate on the cushions despite cleaning them on a daily basis, I wanted to toss the set... seriously. I was just so disgusted.

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DIY Mantel Shelf

Another item checked off our dining room to-do list!! We had a big, barren wall in our dining room that was screaming for something awesome! Sure we could've gone for a cool piece of artwork, but that's not very fun when you want to decorate for the holidays. A better option?! Yup, you got it, a faux mantel shelf! There are LOADS more details and a FULL tutorial on my blog, but here are some of the highlights that I'll go into!

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PVC Pipe Faux Metal Napkin Rings

I'd been shopping in the PVC section of our local home improvement shop for supplies for another project when it dawned on me that PVC pipe would make great napkin rings. The ones I'd been using who longer matched and I knew I could make some good faux metal happen so I bought 18 inches of 1 1/2 inch PVC pipe, a PVC pipe cutter (check out details about this on my blog) and got started on my PVC pipe napkin rings!

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DIY Kiddie Cup Caddy

Please tell me I'm not the only mommy that's completely frustrated with how many cups my kiddos go through in one day!? We have 5 kids + us makes 7. Seven cups is a lot, but trust me when I tell you, washing 14 cups, often times more, is ALOT ALOT. Sure we have a dishwasher, but the issue is moreso that no one can remember who's taken what cup. When in doubt, go grab another!? Ummmm, no!! We end up with a counter and table full of partially full cups with no owners which results in a ton of waste and lots more washing. Check out my solution! The DIY Kiddie Cup Caddy!!
I picked up (6) 3in. PVC pipe caps from Lowe's. There were lots of options, but I really wanted something that was fully enclosed on the bottom just in case the cups leaked, spilled or sweat. I went with chalkboard stickers, a chalk pen and a cute little package of multicolored button brads from Michael's (don't forget to use a their 50% off coupon code for online purchases by typing in SPOOKY50 at check out between now and 10/11/2014). I used a piece of scrap wood that was 9 1/4 x 12 and .75in screws.

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How to BEEF up a Boring Front Door

This was it y'all. This was my boring, blah front door, but even worse, check out the massive vacant space above it with a whole lot of nothing goin' on! I honestly had no plans to do anything with it, until I popped my "new" vintage luggage the shelf above the door. Every time I'd looked up to admire my luggage, I was met with that bit ol' brown wall and plain front door. Something had to give!

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"Cute as a Button" Tree Tutorial

We spent some time this morning making this cute little button tree canvas art for the girls room. They were so easy and inexpensive to make! We bought the buttons and canvas at Walmart. I had the acrylic paints on hand that were used to paint the background. My kiddos had a blast helping and now we have awesome one-of-a kind art that'll match perfectly in the girls room!

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Armoire Turned Craft Cabinet

It's taken a while, but I've FINALLY relocated the kids playroom up to the third floor. Yup, mama reclaimed the room and decided this would be the first piece of furniture to make it's way into MY new studio space! My new craft cabinet was part of a vintage Thomasville bedroom set that my mom bought on Craigslist. Lucky for me, she didn't need this particular piece.

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