diy how to make an over the sink window shelf

DIY: How To Make An Over The Sink Window Shelf

I don’t know about you, but I seem to collect a lot of crap near my sink. Some of it is necessities, like soap and scrubbers. Most of it, admittedly, are knickknacks that I don’t know where else to put and I like to look at while I’m in the kitchen. I’ve been living with all sorts of stuff teetering on the edge of my sink and crowding behind it for ages, and I finally got sick of it. I’d been using the window ledge as an impromptu shelf for forever, but the problem was, stuff kept falling off of it. I decided that the easiest solution would be to turn my window ledge into an actual shelf, so that’s exactly what I did. This was a quick afternoon project, but it’s made a world of difference for me, so I thought I’d share it with you Find this and other DIY and home remodeling projects here:

how to create a diy bathtub tray with upcycled wood flooring

How To Create A DIY Bathtub Tray With Upcycled Wood Flooring

I have to admit, this was a fun, little project. I have shared my big, soaking tub with my children for several years. I have to admit that I’ve gotten a bit sick of rubber duckies everywhere. Now that I’m remodeling the kid’s bathroom, I decided it was time to create an adult oasis. The first step was to make my bathtub a bit more user friendly. I needed a place to set a glass of wine and a good book so I could soak in luxury. On a whim, I made this little bathtub tray by upcycling wood flooring. I had a bunch of wood flooring leftover from our wood flooring project (future post) and from our stair remodel: love little projects like this that upcycle all the building materials that I have laying around. I love being economical (read: cheap) like that

how to update carpeted stairs into a wooden staircase

How To Update Carpeted Stairs Into A Wooden Staircase

When we bought our house, it had carpet all in the upstairs and on the staircase. We tore out all the carpet and installed wood flooring upstairs. It didn’t make a whole lot of sense to leave the stairs carpeted, so we decided to update then into a wooden staircase instead. My mother was against it. “What if the children slip?” she agonized. Except, here’s the thing. The carpet was the first thing to go when we bought our house. So her poor grandchildren have been going up and down unfinished stairs for close to three years. And by unfinished, I mean plain old wood. People use handrails at my house. They also don’t mess around on the staircase. And they don’t run. So wooden the stairs would be. The only problem was, how exactly were we going to make them…

how to frame a mirror with wood flooring

How To Frame A Mirror With Wood Flooring

When we remodeled our master bathroom, I was faced with a choice. Should I remove the existing, huge, but boring builder's grade mirror or should I upgrade it? I didn't want to spend the money to replace it, so we decided to frame it out instead. I've seen lots of tutorials online where people frame around the existing mirror. It looks okay, but I really wanted my mirror to sit inside the frame to give it a more professional, finished look and to hide the beveled edge of the mirror. Now, I could have used regular wood trim and cut out a lip for my mirror, but I had something even better. Wood flooring. I didn't realize it at the time, but wood flooring is the perfect choice for framing a mirror. The "groove" side of the tongue and groove flooring is already grooved. If you remove the bottom portion of wood that forms the groove, you're left with the perfect lip that fits a builder's grade mirror perfectly. Confused? Let me explain.

how to build a corner stove fireplace surround with airstone oak

How To Build A Corner Fireplace Surround & Mantel With Airstone & Oak

When we bought our home, the existing gas fireplace was sitting on a tile insert in the corner of the room. It was functional, but it was pretty plain. My husband and I decided to build up a fireplace surround to give it a finished, beautiful look. Besides, I really wanted somewhere to hang all the homemade stockings that I’ve made my family over the years. I searched the internet for inspiration for my corner fireplace, but I didn’t really see anything that had the look I was envisioning. So we decided to just build everything from scratch. The woodworking was one the harder projects we’ve tackled in our home, but I’m really pleased with how it turned out! So read ahead to see how we got the fireplace surround of our dreams!

how to build a shower

How To Build A Shower

When my husband and I were remodeling our master bathroom, we decided to bite the bullet and tackle building a shower ourselves. On our remodeling adventure, we had already done a lot of tiling and my husband already knew quite a few things about plumbing, so we figured, why not? Building a shower isn’t that much harder than tiling a wall, but there are some special considerations to keep in mind. I learned a lot on this project, so I thought I’d share the wealth, so to speak, and let you guys know what I learned along the way. The only thing standing in between you and the shower of your dreams is some knowledge (easily learned on the internet) and believing in yourself. So, I’m here to tell you that I believe in you. You really CAN build a shower if you want to. I only cried a couple times, I promise.One thing you need to decide is HOW you are going to build a shower. Are you going to go the traditional route with a mortar bed base and cement board walls with plastic installed behind it? This is definitely the cheapest option, but also has the most points of failure and the experts themselves have mostly abandoned this option for the “fancy” waterproofing methods available today. Do you want to do a roll-on waterproofing membrane? Definitely doable but I really hate the smell and I’m afraid of missing a spot and having a leak. Or do you mind dropping a few more bucks to go with one of the waterproofing systems like Schuter-Kerdi Shower System, which is what we ultimately decided on. The Kerdi shower pan has a pre-sloped styrofoam base that definitely makes installing the shower pan a lot easier. I really recommend this if you are a relative newbie like me.Check out my blog for more information, including the video tutorials and websites I found the most helpful when deciding to tackle this project:, if you're not wanting to tackle a shower just yet, you can check out how we redid our guest bathroom without replacing the bath, if you're interested:

how to build a chicken coop

How To Build A Chicken Coop

One of the things I really wanted to get when we moved to the country was chickens. I really wanted to have our own farm-fresh eggs and I was interested in raising chickens for meat as well. When we decided to get some laying hens, we went and looked at the pre-made chicken coops at some of farm supply stores. I was blown away by how expensive they were. I mean, I like farm-fresh eggs, but I don’t 500 dollars like them. So we decided to throw a coop together using as much stuff as we had on hand. We did have to buy a couple things (some 2x4s and some plywood) but otherwise, we tried to build it with as much recycled materials as we could. We worked on it in the evenings after my husband came home from work for a couple weeks and on the weekends. It was actually a great family project. See blog post for product information: is how we built our chicken coop using mostly recycled materials:

bathroom makeover with subway tile wainscoting before after

Bathroom Makeover: Before & After

My husband and I have spent the past several years remodeling our little house in the country. The main floor of the house was in rough shape, but it had a nice layout and it was well built so we felt like it was a diamond in the rough that was worth saving. The first room that had to be redone was the upstairs bathroom. The other two bathrooms only had showers, and with three little kids, we really needed a nice, clean bathroom so we could bathe our children. I had no desire to salvage the existing tile-work or vanity, so we took them out and removed the linoleum flooring and started from scratch.See my blog for more details and product information: & After: DIY Bathroom Remodel

fence board potting bench

Fence Board Potting Bench

Check out how I transformed a hole in my house (you read that right) into a cute little potting bench! The previous owners of our home had a dog door in the basement. I'm not a fan (when you live where the snow blows sideways at 65 miles an hour, you don't really want a hole in your house), so it went away. We patched the drywall on the inside and I sealed in the hole from the outside, but I had a dilemma. I could not, for the life of me, find siding to match the existing siding. I looked everywhere in a 60 mile radius to no avail. So when my husband said he was going to buy some fence boards to build a wind break for our bees (because of the aforementioned wind), I asked him to buy a few more for me. Read on to see how I used some fence boards and repurposed flooring to cover a hole and create a functional space to keep all my little gardening supplies.

french country farmhouse kitchen makeover on a budget

Farmhouse Kitchen Makeover On A Budget

Brief Intro: When we purchased our home we knew that we needed to renovate the entire house. We knew that we weren't going to be able to splurge on any one room. But I still had a dream. I dreamt of a cute little farmhouse kitchen with some French Country flair. With that dream in mind, we set about remodeling our kitchen without breaking the bank. You can read more about our kitchen transformation at:

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