clear clutter to make room for crafting

Clear Clutter to Make Room for Crafting

When you can't find something you purchased for a project, it's time to clear the clutter. I've heard that a messy space is the sign of intelligence; if that's true, I'm really brilliant! However, even I couldn't stand this mess any longer!

curate your own west elm inspired collection, Seriously

Curate Your Own West Elm Inspired Collection

Our challenge for this week was West Elm Knockoffs. Instead, I did a West Elm Collection Knockoff. It was practically free! And now I'll share with you how to make your own collection:

small space storage hack

Small Space Storage Hack

My bathroom vanity is minuscule. A "master" bath and closet were put in the space that would just make a decent closet, or bath, but is way too small for both. The vanity has almost no counter space. I have tried different solutions in the past, but most require resting the vertical storage units on the floor or the vanity. There simply isn't space for most solutions, so I had to think outside the box.

convenient cord keepers, Closeup of charger cord

Convenient Cord Keepers

I'm trying to get things off the floor so that my robot vacuum can work unhindered by electrical cords. This week's challenge was a Command Hook Hack, so I was happy to try them to keep back a few cords. I'll show you how easy it was:

5 easy steps to a small garden

5 Easy Steps to a Small Garden

I chose to make a small container garden using worn out children's rubber boots. It's important to note that no children were deprived of rubber boots. I waited until they were sent to the Pound Store, then waited another week before purchasing any of these boots.

super switch and outlet update for almost free

Super Switch and Outlet Update for (Almost!) Free

After I successfully changed out the combo outlet/switch in my master bath, (link posted below) I was left with a bit of a dilemma: My new outlet didn’t match the old ones!

fast faucet fix anyone can do

Fast Faucet Fix Anyone Can Do

When I bought my house, the outside faucet in the front was missing the handle at the top. I bought a replacement, but the faucet was stripped, and the screw that would hold the replacement handle in place was broken in the top of the faucet. Once I turned the faucet on, I was unable to turn it off completely, because the handle was stripped. Since the city charges by the gallon for water use, and over three times that for sewage, this could quickly become a very expensive problem. For all the single ladies out there, you'll appreciate this: I have arthritis, and am unable to do plumbing work that requires upper body or hand strength. So I used my innate ingenuity: I put a new hose and nozzle on it, and that was enough to prevent leaks. Until this week. I don't know what happened, but the hose started leaking at the nozzle.

fast frame redo in red, Finished product

Fast Frame Redo in Red

Every Thrifting, Garage Sale, or Flea Market blog or list of tips for them says to buy picture frames any time they're available. But they don't tell you what to do with them! I found the cutest Cafe' Latte picture at a garage sale for 50 cents, but it didn't have a frame! However, I have a large collection of frames.

clean crisp look for old containers, Finished product

Clean Crisp Look for Old Containers

When I was researching Pottery Barn to look for inspiration for this week’s post, I realized that I had several pieces that would work within those parameters. While I was spray painting my lamp, (Link posted below) I went ahead and painted those other pieces, as well. The first is a set of crockery that I use for my kitchen utensil storage. They’re over 30 years old and I was tired of the brown.

5 pottery barn knockoff

$5 Pottery Barn Knockoff

The lamp pictured below is the Caitlyn lamp from Pottery Barn. In response to this week’s challenge, I was inspired to try a knockoff. Mine cost less than $5. I can experiment on a few more lamps before mine costs that much.

Jeanne Johnson Ortego
Jeanne Johnson Ortego
About meI have completely remodeled two houses, acting as my own general contractor and doing a great deal of the work myself. I have refinished every wall, ceiling, and floor in one of my homes. In the next one, I did all of that except one room, where I had carpet installed.
I am also adept with hand and power tools, although sometimes lacking the upper body strength required to use some of them. In addition, I can paint and refinish furniture, wire a lamp, or replace electric outlets and switches. I can also do simple plumbing repairs. I posses excellent spatial awareness and mechanical ability, so putting things together is easy for me to explain and do. As a certified teacher, I am an able tutor, whether it be over the phone or in person.