curvy legs

Curvy Legs

A really pretty table, I didn't know I had!! I got it from an online auction company. much fun to look at their goodies!!

the updated piece

The Updated Piece...

A while back I posted a question about a "color" for this unusual piece.

rustic rustic mirror, home decor

Rustic Rustic Mirror

I had a vision!!! I cut half inch wood to make a frame, a bit bigger than my mirror. Then I had some corrugated aluminium sheets. I thought why not?? Cut it with tin snips the size of my frame. I attached the corrugated run to my frame. I had this mirror that has been in my stash....Let's just say a while!! I used E6000 glue and attached it to the tin. A very unique mirror!!

AS dark wax

Anyone using Annie Sloans 'dark' wax......I learned this from one of the 'stockist'? that sell and teach you the different techniques with the products......if you mix odorless mineral spirits with the dark wax...a liquidy? paste....Sounds weird....yes!! Not too much mineral spirits, just enough to make it thinner. I mix mine in a plastic container with a lid, and you can keep it to use on future projects!!

rocking chair color, painted furniture

Rocking Chair COLOR??

Paint colors and material...

buggy re do, container gardening, gardening, repurposing upcycling

Buggy Re-do

I spray painted with what I had...Did a little scroll and herbs on the side, planted some mint.....DONE!!! Not that great, but my different "mints" grow very well!! I can push in the sun or out?? Works for now!!