a diy suspended loft bed

A DIY Suspended Loft Bed

My 9 year old really wanted a loft bed in his bedroom, and I decided to try my hand at building a suspended loft bed. It turned out to be exactly what he wanted, and it wasn't nearly as difficult as I thought it would be- although I can't emphasize enough that if you attempt this build, you must take extreme care. Use high quality materials and build into the wall studs.This is an in-depth process-for full details, be sure to check out the blog post! I should start off by saying, it would have been a lot easier to build the frame first, then attach it to the wall. But I was building this by myself and wouldn't be able to lift the frame myself, so I had to build the frame to the wall.

a coastal farmhouse kitchen

A Coastal Farmhouse Kitchen!

The kitchen in our Victorian farmhouse style home was kind of bland and boring. A few fairly easy updates has bought us some time until we can do a more extensive remodel later. Check it out!

three ways to customize laminate bookshelves

Three Ways to Customize Laminate Bookshelves

Realizing my limitations when I wanted to build custom bookshelves for our entry-turned-library, I decided to buy inexpensive off-the-shelf laminate bookshelves and try my hand at making them look like custom built ins. They turned out not bad! Here's what I did.

easy upgrade for your flush mount ceiling light

Easy Upgrade for Your Flush Mount Ceiling Light

I had a very basic flush mount ceiling light in our laundry/half bathroom, and wanted to upgrade it inspired by a beautiful Shades of Light pendant- but on a very minimal budget. Total cost? Less than $10!

how to paint a bathroom faucet

How to Paint a Bathroom Faucet

Inspired by some beautiful artwork, I recently updated our home's only full bathroom. But by the time I got to the fixtures, the budget for this room refresh was gone. I've had good luck spray painting bathroom fixtures in the past and decided to do it again!

natural floating wood shelves

Natural Floating Wood Shelves

I wanted floating wood shelves in our laundry room, but I have very beginner construction skills and was on a very tight budget. I decided to try this "cheater" method and was super happy with how easy it was and how great it looks!Okay, this method will only work if you are building shelves wall to wall, because the supports for the shelves will be on each of the side walls.

our bold and colorful laundry half bath

Our Bold and Colorful Laundry/half Bath

I joined the $100 Room Challenge to update our boring, unorganized laundry/half bathroom, which didn't reflect our family's style- which is definitely a preference for light and bright with a coastal nod. My goal? To use mostly leftover stuff from other projects to keep the total project cost to less than $100.

the easiest way to update your ceiling fan

The Easiest Way to Update Your Ceiling Fan

When I was updating our master bedroom, I wanted to update our ugly, outdated ceiling fan. The fan was still super functional so cosmetic updates were all that were needed. For me, the most eye-twitchy part of most ceiling fans are the awful light covers, but I'm not a fan of a lot of the replacement ones that are widely available at most home improvement stores. Here's how I found some that I like for less money.

how we refinished a vintage glider

How We Refinished a Vintage Glider

We have always wanted a vintage glider, but the ones we found that were already refinished were super expensive- pushing $1000! That's way out of our budget. We decided to try our hand at refinishing one ourselves, and we're really happy with the results! Here's how we did it.

easy no sew diy bench pillow from a table runner

Easy No- Sew DIY Bench Pillow From a Table Runner

For this project, I needed a long pillow for a vintage railroad bench we have on our front porch. Pillows that are this length are always really expensive, and even though I don't sew, I knew that I could DIY one much cheaper with this simple trick!This always works great for smaller pillows as well!

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