How to store wreaths?

what is a good way to store wreaths and large bows, not the ones used on packages ?

What can I use to replace my iron patio chair seats that rusted out.?

The seats are a wrought iron mesh that rusted out on two chairs. The other 4 are fine. I don’t mind adding cushions,but the seat would have to be replaced first. They... See more

How do I hang a concrete fleur de lis on my brick outside?

It weighs about 20 lbs. and has a loop for hanging on the back which was set in the concrete. I was told to get a masonary screw by the people that sold it. My son... See more

Replacing corroded mesh patio chair seat

Two of my patio chairs have lost their seats because the mesh iron corroded. This was because I left cushions on tbem which I didn’t realize were holding water. The... See more

How do I get rid of crawfish mounds and keep them from returning?

My backyard has always retained a lot of water since it is sloped . It is usually soggy and hard to mow. It also invites the presence of crawfish mounds, as many as... See more

How can I paint a tub drain that is peeling.Otherwise it works fine.

It is a chrome finish. I wouldn’t mind if it could be painted in a stainless steel finish.

Is there a way to paint the bathtub drain that the chrome is chipped?

It does not need to be replaced, only painted if possible. Is there a paint for this that would be a matte or stainless steel look rather than chrome?

Sarah Chandler
Sarah Chandler