master bathroom makeover

Master Bathroom Makeover

Master Bathroom make over using Bead Board and project Boards. Added New flooring and removed popcorn ceilings. Cabinet makeover, replaced tub but love the cabinet Idea❤️

bathroom cabinet make over

Bathroom Counter-top Make Over

I turned my counter tops into a granite look and painted my bathroom. I still have to replace the light fixture and the faucet and the floor. But over all I’m very happy with the turn out. I have about 9$ in Sherwin-Williams paint samples and a can of polyurethane. I also replaced my cabinet door hardware. I had thought about painting the hardware to save money but the new ones fit into my budget. The paint for my bathroom was some I purchased awh back so very little Money spent on this project but a whole lot of time. This took me about 3 days to repair holes, caulk and paint. It was pouring rain so took a little longer for my polyurethane to dry. Over all I’m happy.

Esther Cherry Carr
Esther Cherry Carr