wooden napkin rings repurposed into wreath

Wooden Napkin Rings - Repurposed Into Wreath

Likely the most thrilling part of thrift shopping is being inspired to totally transform a piece into something different and better.I adore a great repurposed project because when it comes to stretching those creative muscles and making something different, unexpected, and unique, a repurposed project just can’t be beat!So when I found a set of wooden napkin rings at the thrift store, I knew a new repurposed project was happening soon.

fall tile planter

Fall Tile Planter

What do you do when you have a stash of plain ceramic tiles?You look for some creative ways to use them, of course!Here's one of my latest:

quick and easy buffalo check tile coasters

Quick and Easy Buffalo Check Tile Coasters

Two years later, and I'm still working my way through a stack of ceramic tiles I found in our garden shed, left behind by the previous owners. After a few longer projects, I decided it was time for a quick one!

paint brush caddy a thrift store repurpose

Paint Brush Caddy - A Thrift Store Repurpose

One of my best thrift shopping tips is to keep an open mind while shopping. This repurposed paint brush caddy is a perfect example of that tip in action.

how to repurpose a wine box into a tea chest

How to Repurpose a Wine Box Into a Tea Chest

This project was nothing but fun!For over a year I've wanted to DIY my own unique tea chest, and when I found a second wine box at my favorite thrift store, it was game on!

upcycled ceramic trivet a thrift store find

Upcycled Ceramic Trivet - A Thrift Store Find

A few months ago I found a cute ceramic and iron trivet at my favorite thrift store. I didn't know right away how I'd use it, but it fit my list of "great find criteria", so it came home with me for just $4. A few weeks ago I finally decided what to do with it!

repurposing a thrift store candle holder and metal basket

Repurposing a Thrift Store Candle Holder and Metal Basket

One of my thrift shopping ninja hacks is to shop for pieces and parts. I love putting the unexpected together to come up with something new. So when I landed a couple of separate pieces on one of my latest jaunts, that's exactly what I did with them.

dress up those plain terra cotta pots

Dress Up Those Plain Terra Cotta Pots!

I really love terra cotta pots! My only complaint with them though is that they're plain and boring.So I look at them as possibilities instead. The ways you can dress them up are nearly limitless.

how to flip furniture with kids

How to Flip Furniture - With Kids

Furniture flips have intrigued me for a long time. I just love how a plain and boring piece can be transformed into something simply stunning with a little paint and creativity. But when I heard that even kids could turn basic pieces into works of art, I had to see this for myself!

how to repurpose a metal magazine basket

How to Repurpose a Metal Magazine Basket

I love a great thrift store haul!It's a rare visit when I walk out empty handed. Nearly every single time I shop, I find something that can be upcycled or repurposed (my personal favorite).By the way: Do you know the difference between upcycling and repurposing?Let me show you how I repurposed a boring metal magazine basket into a fun and functional new item.

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