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Fall Cleanup of Hosta

Too busy to clean up your flower beds? In this post I share the reasons why I make sure to clean up my Hosta in the Fall and how to do it. I hope you find this post helpful!

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Marbling Flower Pots With Spray Paint

I was looking for a way to give an updated look to my terra cotta flower pots that would be easy and cheap. You will need: Flower pots, 3 colors of spray paint and white paint, shallow tub, gloves, and a stick or two. Here is how the project turned out.

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DIY Copper Garden Art From Copper Tubing

I love the look of copper in the garden-so much so that I have made a few different pieces for my garden and also a rain chain. I like to use copper tubing because it is flexible and I can manipulate it any way that I want. The added bonus is that it is beautiful and elegant.
I created this recently from a roll of copper tubing, some concrete and an old nursery pot:

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Cheap and Easy "Rustic" Bucket Stool

Have you seen the $5 bucket stool? It is ingenious! Well, I decided to make one of my own but with my own twist since I like creating things with what I happen to have on hand. In fact, the $5 bucket stool probably cost me less than $2 in supplies. Not only is it cheap-it is easy as pie to make! So here is how I did it.

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Easy and Cheap DIY Concrete Pumpkin Planter

Ever look at one of those plastic candy buckets and wonder what the heck can I do with this? Here is a picture of what I am talking about:

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Moving a Leafed Out Hosta With the Help of a Belt and Some Tape

Denial-that is what I am in every time I plant a Hosta. I know it is going to grow and get big I just don't believe it at the time. This is probably because I usually purchase bare root Hosta from online retailers and they usually have only a few leaves and 1 or 2 eyes (eyes are what growers call a Hosta division). They seem so small that when I go to plant them I lose all sense and end up putting them where I will eventually have to move them.

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Easy Twine Fall Pumpkins

I set out this week to find a way to create some Fall pumpkin decorations after seeing all of the great ideas on Hometalk and Pinterest. I especially liked the look of the canning lid pumpkin but the price for them is a little steep-I like FREE. So I looked around the house and found a couple of things that I could use but I especially liked the thought of using my roll of garden twine I have had forever (literally). So I experimented with a couple of ways and finally got the look I wanted and it was so easy you won't believe it! I didn't have to use glue or wire-it is all twine except for the stem. Here is one of the final pumpkins:

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Bring Your Houseplants Inside but Leave the Bugs Outside

It is that time of year again-time to bring in all the houseplants If you are like me you have had your houseplants outside adorning your deck and front door area giving them a little vacation from being cooped up inside. Unfortunately it is starting to get cooler and that means I have to start bringing them in before the nighttime temperatures get below 45-50 degrees. Before I bring them in there are some steps I take to ensure I don't also bring in hitchhikers. Not only can I bring in spider mites and aphids there is also the fear of other creepy crawlies like millipedes and spiders that I really don't want in the house. These steps I take help to keep the bugs to a minimum and I don't need to use pesticides to do it.
Step 1: Give the plant a "bath"! I take a large tote and fill it with water and add a few squirts of Dawn dishsoap and a handful of Epsom salts. I then sink the potted plant into the "bath" for 15-30 minutes to force out any bugs that might be making the plant home.

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Propagate Hostas Without Breaking Your Back!

There are two types of gardeners in the world: clumpers and splitters. I admit it-I am a clumper. I cringe at the idea of cutting my babies up into pieces. I would rather leave them alone so they can get big. Wait, not big-huge. I want huge Hostas. Digging them up and dividing them can set them back and, to be honest, I do not like doing that because it takes some varieties forever to reach a good size. A solution I came up with is minimally invasive, and it does not set my Hosta back like digging up the entire clump does. This is perfect if you want to share a small piece or if you need a few eyes for a project. You can take off more than I have shown, I just prefer to keep it to a minimum. Just a note: I do this in Spring before the Hostas leaf out so I can see what I am doing, but you can do it at any time of year.

diy pine cone wreath using chicken wire, crafts, wreaths

DIY Pine Cone Wreath Using Chicken Wire

Every Fall my pine trees gift me with a large amount of pine cones and every year I bag them up and take them to the city compost. Not this year. This year my goal was to use at least some of those pine cones. I did do a few other projects put it didn't put a dent in the piles I have so I decided to try and make a wreath. Of course, I had to do it on the cheap so I used chicken wire instead of a wire wreath form (which would have worked nicely for this). Here is a picture of the end project:

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