upcycled plastic bottle christmas tree ornaments

Upcycled Plastic Bottle Christmas Tree Ornaments

This might be the simplest upcycling project I have ever made but I like the way it turned out. I also like the fact that it uses those single use water bottles that we seem to accumulate even though we try not to use them. It might not fit into Martha Stewart's idea of Christmas decorating but well what can I say I like to make things from trash and well I don't really think that is Martha's thing.

hand painted thanksgiving banner

Hand Painted Thanksgiving Banner

Do you ever feel like Thanksgiving gets short shrift when it comes to holiday decorating? Some how as soon as the Halloween decorations come down, the Christmas decorations go straight up. Well, this year, even if it is just for a week or two I have a small tribute exclusively for the Thanksgiving Holiday. It is not a loud display of lights and colors as will soon be the case with the Christmas decorations. It is merely a sincere acknowledgment of what this holiday represents, a time to be with family and friends and to be grateful for all that we have.

upcycled tin can picture frame

Upcycled Tin Can Picture Frame

This project is back by popular demand, well, sort of. A few years ago I covered a table with some tin can lids. I really liked how the finish turned out and I received many lovely comments. Anyway, ever since then I have wanted to make a smaller simpler project using the same rusted tin can finish.

upcycled pumpkins for halloween display

Upcycled Pumpkins for Halloween Display

We are having a Halloween party this year and before I get to all the house cleaning and yard work, well I had to make a few decorations! With these upcycled pumpkins I am calling the front display complete. And I am out of excuses for postponing my other chores.

upcycled plastic bottle spider halloween decoration tutorial

Upcycled Plastic Bottle Spider - Halloween Decoration Tutorial

I don't usually bother to decorate for Halloween but we are having a party this year so I am trying to whip up a few decorations for the festivities. Last week I made a giant spiders web from some plastic grocery bags so of course I also needed to make a giant spider to complete the display.

giant halloween spiders web decoration diy

Giant Halloween Spiders Web Decoration DIY

Halloween is coming and we are having a Party this year and we need a few decorations. So I decided to start by making a giant spiders web to hang on the outside of our house.This project started with 15 plastic grocery bags and a regular household iron.

diy wind chime made with recycled bottles glass in the microwave

DIY Wind Chime Made With Recycled Bottles Glass In The Microwave

I love to upcycle old stuff into new stuff and I am always looking for new techniques and tools to recycle unwanted things. So imagine how excited I was to find out that you can fuse small pieces of glass in your microwave! It's not like I really need an excuse to drink more wine but seriously wine, beer and liquor bottles do come in some pretty colors . :-)Anyway this little gadget is called the Fuseworks microwave kiln and it makes it possible to melt and fuse glass right in your kitchen! Most of my projects have been small jewelry pieces but today I have finished a much larger project.

can tp tubes make your windows look better

Can TP Tubes Make Your Windows Look Better?

Of course beauty is in the eye of the beholder as they say. But my answer is yes. At least I think my windows look better. But then I like trash and recycling things.

diy toothbrush holder and matching soap dispenser

DIY Toothbrush Holder and Matching Soap Dispenser

We have a bathroom in the basement of our house. And it has never really gotten much love or attention. It is a backup, to be used only as a last resort and therefore it has been easy to ignore. But recently we have decided to give it at least some attention. We are planning to paint and tile and fix the icky shower. But first I am decorating it. Now I know that is completely backwards but what can I say? I really only like to do the fun stuff and if I have the decorations part done then maybe that will lead to some actual renovations. Keeping fingers crossed.As you may or may not know every good bathroom remodel needs a theme. Alright, I admit that isn't even true but since I have a theme for my bathroom remodel I just wanted to say that. My statement is even more ironic if you factor in that I use mostly trash and recycled items for my projects, so the word good might be generous or at least subjective. But onward, my theme, because I know you are curious is................

chandelier lampshade made from foil food wrappers and recycled glass

Chandelier Lampshade Made From Foil Food Wrappers and Recycled Glass

Drinks, snacks and crafts are three of my favorite things so when I can combine all three I get very excited! I am a sucker for all the food wrappers that have the silver foil on the inside so they always end up as crafting supplies.

Cindy @ Upcycle Design Lab
Cindy @ Upcycle Design Lab
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