our foolproof way to hang a gallery wall

Our Foolproof Way to Hang a Gallery Wall

Hanging something on the wall is hard enough, but hanging a gallery wall...well that can be pretty intimidating! Luckily, we have a foolproof way to hang a gallery wall (no tape measure required!).

how to hang planters from a ceiling

How to Hang Planters From a Ceiling

My mudroom was looking a bit bare and needed some life. So I decided to add some greenery directly from the ceiling.Here's how to easily hang planters using a few simple tools. For the full tutorial and a video, head to this blog post.

how to hide ugly candle labels using a sock

How to Hide Ugly Candle Labels Using a Sock!

I absolutely love lighting candles at night, especially in the fall. I recently picked up a few new ones, but I’m not in love with the look of the candle jars. The labels are just so big and u-g-l-y and the thought of soaking them to get the labels off sounds like a lot of work.That’s when I came up with this idea for a simple fall candle holder to hide those ugly labels. For the full tutorial, head to this blog post.

gardening planter wheelbarrow upcycle repurpose, gardening, repurposing upcycling

Wheelbarrow Turned Fall Planter

Some of our favorite projects are when we get to take something old we have lying around the house, and give it a new life for our home! That's exactly what happened with this project.
We had an old wheelbarrow, and due to a deflated wheel, it just wasn't working too well. So instead of having it rot in the garage, we decided to use it in our front yard as a unique planter.
This project came at the perfect time, just as we were looking to add a little fall love and a seasonal look to the outside of our home!

how to hide a propane tank from your outdoor fire pit

How to Hide a Propane Tank From Your Outdoor Fire Pit

When I decided on a fire pit for our outdoor patio, I was under the impression that the propane tank that fueled it would hide underneath it. But when I went to hook up the propane tank so we could have our first fire, I quickly realized that a traditional propane tank could NOT fit under the firepit.

how to make a letterboard pumpkin

How to Make a Letterboard Pumpkin

Halloween is just around the corner and we're always excited to give a pumpkin craft a try. We both love changing up the quotes on our letterboard signs and we thought it would be fun to turn our pumpkins into their own letterboards!This project is an easy one and you can check out this blog post for the full tutorial and a video!

how to make a modern address sign

How to Make a Modern Address Sign

The address sign on my new house was looking a little outdated, so I decided to swap it for a DIY modern one. It only took me 1 hour to create and the front of my house looks much better (& much more my style!) For the full tutorial, check out this blog post.

how to paint a garage door

How to Paint a Garage Door

Our brown garage door had seen much better days (the paint was peeling, cracking, and just generally fading), so I always knew I wanted to tackle this DIY project.I was a little intimidated to paint an entire garage door, but I'm happy to report that it isn't quite as scary as it sounds! For the full tutorial, check out this blog post.

tips to paint your front door a pretty color

Tips to Paint Your Front Door a Pretty Color

Your front door says a lot about you and your style. Plus, it's the first thing that guests see then they come over to visit. So I think it's pretty important that this area looks its best!I decided to paint my door a gorgeous light blue color and I learned a lot during this simple DIY project. For the full tutorial, head over to our blog.

how to clean and stain a deck

How to Clean and Stain a Deck

Even though our outdoor space is small, we've always loved taking advantage of this balcony and use it all summer long. But the wood on our deck was in need of some TLC.For the full step-by-step tutorial, be sure to check out this blog post. I decided to give our deck a good clean and then stain it a pretty dark gray color. This project was surprisingly easy, especially since our deck is so tiny. But anyone can tackle this in their own space.

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