how to make christmas jars, christmas decorations, crafts, mason jars, seasonal holiday decor

Christmas Jars - Tutorial

Colorful Christmas jars. Step by step tutorial.

diy log tealight candle holders

DIY Log Tealight Candle Holders

How to make tealight holder from a log. Easy, step by step tutorial.

tinted candle holders

Tinted Candle Holders.

Do you know how to tint jars, bottles and other glass containers? Learn how to recycle old jars, bottles and other glass containers to create gorgeous tinted vases and candle holders.and other glass containers to create gorgeous tinted vases and candle holders.

cracked eggshells craft idea a mosaic coaster

Cracked Eggshells Craft Idea- a Mosaic Coaster.

How to reuse cracked eggshells. Easy to make Easter craft.

natural egg dye recipes edible egg decorations

Natural Egg Dye Recipes & Edible Egg Decorations.

How to color eggs naturally, this Easter! Natural egg dye recipes & edible egg decorations.

repurposed pallet decor idea

Repurposed Pallet Decor Idea.

Turning old pallet into the rustic photo display (with lights!).

pine cone christmas ornaments craft

Pine Cone Christmas Ornaments Craft

Colorful Pine Cone Ornaments - easy Christmas DIY.

candy corn squash fall craft idea

Candy Corn Squash – Fall Craft Idea.

Spray-painted candy corn squash! Easy to make Autumn craft.

how to make a christmas jar snowglobe without water, christmas decorations, crafts, seasonal holiday decor

DIY Christmas Jars, Snowglobes (without Water)

How to make christmas snow globes/mason jars (without water).

mason jar fall crafts enchanted autumn leaf jar

Mason Jar Fall Crafts - Enchanted Autumn Leaf Jar!

Mason jar fall crafts are one of my ultimate favorites!With all the wonderful Autumn colors around, you can create your own little Fall Season in a jar.

Mila Myk
Mila Myk