5 minute garden shovel diy halloween ghost, 5 minute garden shovel Halloween ghost

5-Minute Garden Shovel DIY Halloween Ghost

When you find an old, sorta rusty and totally broken garden shovel, do you toss it? Of course not! You re-purpose it into a happy Halloween ghost plant stake. When a gardening shovel is no longer useful for digging holes, transform it into a friendly ghost for a touch of cute spook in the garden! And the best part? This project took all of 5 minutes!

upcycle a milk carton into a fall leaf vase, Brown paper bag autumn leaf vase

Upcycle a Milk Carton Into a Fall Leaf Vase

Unpack the groceries. Drink the milk (or OJ). Clean the carton. Now you're ready to make this very easy and simple fall leaf vase in a matter of minutes. It's a fun way to display your autumn flowers or a potted plant in this trash-to-treasure project! Seriously, what can you make for the price of a liter of milk and the brown paper bag it came home in? If you enjoy a re-purposing project, then this is a good one.

outdoor blanket from 5 bed sheet, Turn 5 bed sheet into outdoor blanket

Outdoor Blanket From $5 Bed Sheet

Sometimes the best ideas are the ...cheapest!? Head outdoors with an inexpensive flat bed sheet (I found mine for $5!) and your crafting scissors to turn that bed sheet into a tasseled picnic, backyard movie or watching the stars outdoor blanket. It only takes a few minutes to get the family out of the house for some backyard fun!

red white and blue paper treat bag garland, Paper goodie bag patriotic garland

Red White and Blue Paper Treat Bag Garland

Paper goodie party bags aren’t just for birthday treats or take home party favors. They can be so much more, like the perfect crafting material for a unique patriotic garland to drape around a mantel. So grab your scissors, paper goodie bags, some miniature pinwheels and twine to get your home Red, White and Blue ready this summer.

dollar store headbands turned st patrick s day wreath, Headbands turned St Patrick s Day wreath

Dollar Store Headbands Turned St. Patrick's Day Wreath

Want a good challenge? Visit your local dollar store and check out their wide selection of holiday decorations and do dads. It can be overwhelming! Especially when on a quest to re-purpose some dollar store item into something new and different. And that's how two glittery shamrock-ribbon headbands became a wreath, perfect for bringing a touch of Irish luck to your front door.

old suitcase turned photo display, Turn vintage suitcase into photo display

Old Suitcase Turned Photo Display

Vintage suitcases have become the trend in home decorating. So when I saw a $10 beaten up old suitcase online, I picked it up in a heartbeat. This vintage piece was in rough shape! But, now, in my crafty hands, this old luggage went through a major redo and was given new life...on my wall as a photo display.

forget the chocolate heart box flower wreath, Chocolate box Valentine s heart wreath

Forget the Chocolate! Heart Box Flower Wreath

Did you get an iconic Valentine's heart-shaped chocolate box this holiday? Forget about the chocolate; use that chocolate box to create a DIY 10-minute succulent Valentine's Day door hanger.

easy message board napkin rings, DIY message board napkin rings

Easy Message Board Napkin Rings

Message boards are a big thing these days in home decor! These boards can be pricey though. But a message board napkin ring? Cheap! So brab some colorful scrapbook paper and all those toilet paper rolls you've saved for such a project to create a collection of easy DIY message board napkin rings to customize per occasion or holiday.

don t be a prick diy felt cactus christmas tree ornaments

Don't Be a Prick! DIY Felt Cactus Christmas Tree Ornaments

As a newbie to Arizona, it took me a long time (like a decade) to fully accept living among cacti, crazy summertime heat and rocky front yards instead of green grass. But now a good 12 years in as an Arizonan, I've come to enjoy most things desert like the iconic sahuaro cactus. Did you know they look pretty cute when decked out for the holidays? Save yourself from a few thorns with an easy DIY felt cactus Christmas tree ornament!

diy retro tinsel garland wreath in 20 minutes, DIY 20 inute Tinsel Garland Wreath

DIY Retro Tinsel Garland Wreath in 20-Minutes

Nothing screams "Christmas" than tinsel. Lots and lots of tinsel. So when I stumbled upon a long, snake-like strand of retro metallic tinsel garland among all my holiday decorations, I just had to use it somehow. It was too fun to toss away! With too small of an amount to drape around the tree, I found myself wrapping it around a wreath form instead. Twenty minutes later, I had a sparkly retro-inspired holiday wreath to hang on my door!

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