diy wax melts with pumpkin spice essential oil

DIY Wax Melts With Pumpkin Spice Essential Oil

I like burning wax melts in my home, but I wanted to use natural products. I made these with soy wax and essential oils. Soy wax burns cleaner and without the chemicals from paraffin wax.

pumpkin spice latte soap with whipped soap icing

Pumpkin Spice Latte Soap With Whipped Soap Icing

I may be a little obsessed with pumpkin spice lattes. Last year, I made a basic bar of soap, but this year I wanted to do something extra. I came up with a way whip soap to make this look like a little cup of coffee with whipped cream on top.

pumpkin spice liquid hand soap

Pumpkin Spice Liquid Hand Soap

Pumpkin spice is the scent for fall. I used an essential oil blend called Essence of Pumpkin Pie to recreate my favorite fall scent to make this easy hand soap recipe. Making your own liquid soap from scratch is really easy, and it saves a lot of money. We use a lot of hand soap, and it really adds up in my monthly budget. Now I just stock up on liquid castile soap.

diy essential oil roller bottle storage block

DIY Essential Oil Roller Bottle Storage Block

I didn't have anywhere to store my roller bottles, so I made this DIY storage block. Now they have a dedicated space in my home, and it just looks pretty.

diy tiki torch fuel for mosquitoes

DIY Tiki Torch Fuel for Mosquitoes

Tiki torch fuel is so easy to make! I add a bug repellent essential oil blend to naturally keep away flying pests. This recipe makes enough for one or two torches or tabletop torches, depending on the size. But it's very easy to scale up to make several batches if you have a big yard or want to store some on the shelf.

honey comb melt and pour soap recipe

Honey Comb Melt and Pour Soap Recipe

This honey comb soap was inspired by the new Winnie the Pooh movie. It's really easy to make, but it looks amazing. With just one simple upcycled scrap, you can make a realistic looking honeycomb effect on your soap without buying a special mold.

natural insect repellent spray with essential oils

Natural Insect Repellent Spray With Essential Oils

Being outside in the evening was miserable until I made this natural insect repellent recipe. It uses essential oils to naturally repel mosquitoes and other bugs, and it also has ingredients to help your skin.

dusting spray

Dusting Spray

I don't like using chemical cleaners in my home, so I make most of my cleaners. This saves money and keeps my home chemical free. I tested a few dusting sprays, and this was my favorite.

bug repellent candle melts

Bug Repellent Candle Melts

In the summer, we spend a lot of time outside. We live on a farm, so there are a lot of mosquitoes, flies, and other bugs. We have a few ponds on the property, so we can barely sit outside without having to swat mosquitoes all evening! I used to burn citronella candles, but they kept tunneling because I didn't burn them long enough for the wax to melt. I decided to make wax melts so I can burn them for as long as we need them, whether it be half an hour or several hours.

diy essential oil diffuser for the car

DIY Essential Oil Diffuser for the Car

I wanted to diffuse oils in my car, but I didn't want to spend money on a diffuser. So I made one with items from my craft room!

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